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Boeing Begins 777 EcoDemonstrator Tests

Testing of a raft of new flight deck systems, alternative fuels, materials and a shorter thrust reverser has begun in Seattle on a modified Boeing 777-200F as part of the company’s ongoing EcoDemonstrator program.

MARCH 26-APRIL 8, 2018
Bug Smasher

Los Angeles Boeing test pilots will deliberately seek out insect-infested air masses over Louisiana as part of upcoming low-level flights of the company’s specially modified 757 ecoDemonstrator.

MARCH 30-APRIL 12, 2015
Green Machine

Boeing packages improved airframe, systems and flight-deck for combined flight-test effort

OCTOBER 8, 2012
Headline News
F-100 Passes Mach 1 in Transonic Dives

NAA takes wraps off Super Sabre jet fighter. Test pilot reports good response at low speeds.

OCT. 26, 1953
Boeing 314 and Douglas DC-4

America’s largest commercial land plane and flying boat now undergoing flight tests in Santa Monica and Puget Sound.

JULY, 1938
Flying Equipment
Douglas Sleeper Transport

First of the DC-3's for American Airlines Test Flown at Santa Monica on Dec. 18

New Hydro Flies Successfully

First flight of Bill Boeing and Conrad Westervelt’s first airplane, the Pacific Aero Products Model 1 (the B&W).

SEPTEMBER 1st 1916
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