August 15, 1916

The Steel Construction of Aeroplanes

Course in Aerodynamics and Aeroplane Design

The Hall-Scott, Type A-7, 90-100 Horse-Power Aeroplane Engine


The Steel Construction of Aeroplanes

The Sturtevant Aeroplane Company lias recently developed a new type of steel construction for aeroplanes, tests of which have shown that it has many advantages in reliability, lightness and strength that cannot be obtained in wood. For the fuselages, rudders and tail surface, methods of using steel have been devised which are remarkably successful.


Course in Aerodynamics and Aeroplane Design

Elements of Aerodynamical Theory


The Hall-Scott, Type A-7, 90-100 Horse-Power Aeroplane Engine

To meet the demand for a simple and dependable engine for use in training schools, on scout machines and by sportsmen, the Hall-Scott Motor Car Company, Inc., San Francisco, Cal., has designed a new four-cylinder aeroplane engine that is rated at 90 to 100 horse-power.

Aviation and Aerography

It is nearly fifty years since Lowell wrote, “ New" occasions teach new duties. Time makes ancient good uncouth.” And certainly the truth of the poet’s reasoning comes home to us with great force in connection with aviation, the new occasion, and aerography, the new duty. It is apparent that what the .tiw* hydrographer has done for navigation, and the geographer for exploration, the aerographer must do for the domain of the air.


General Specifications for Aeronautic Instruments

For the information of those concerned with the use of production of instruments used in the navigation and operation of aircraft, the following general list and specifications have been prepared with a view to indicating the lines on which development is required, and the restrictions and difficulties to be overcome in the design and construction of aeronautical instruments:

The Wright-Martin Merger

Announcement is made by the Wright Company of its merger with the Glenn L. Martin Company of Los Angeles. This new consolidation will be known as the Wright-Martin Aircraft Corporation, incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, with $5,000,000 seven per cent, cumulative convertible preferred stock and 500.000 shares of common stock with no par value.
The Naval and Military Aero Service

Army and Navy Officers on Aviation Duty


Physiological Tests for National Guard and Naval Militia Fliers




An English Photograph of Great Interest

The picture on the cover of the issue is of particular technical interest to American aeroplane designers, in view of the fact that this is believed to be the first authentic photograph of British military aeroplanes of service type released by the Official Press Bureau.
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