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July 15, 1917

A Three Years’ Flying Experience

Airplane Dopes

Extracts From Inspectors Manual Aviation Section, Signal Corps,u.s. A.


A Three Years’ Flying Experience

The past three years, although normally a short space of time, yet measured by the advance of aviation, has been a veritable lifetime. Many thousands of people are now deeply engrossed in the subject. Most of you who have honored me with your presence here to-night have studied flying from the very highly technical and scientific side, in fact far too technical and scientific for me, and you certainly know a great deal more about the subject from that point of view than I do.


Airplane Dopes

The development of the airplane has been so rapid that it is natural for one to assume that the present methods of wing manufacture were coeval with the airplane itself. Yet it is only about six years ago that the more prominent German manufacturers first experimented, in a practical way, with the methods at present in use.


Extracts From Inspectors Manual Aviation Section, Signal Corps,u.s. A.

Inspectors will bear in mind the fact that the Government specifies material of a definite quality and it is the duty of the inspector to make certain that material fully meets requirements. Army inspectors will examine only such material as has been in some way clearly indicated as inspected by the manufacturers’ inspectors.

$640,000,000 Aviation Bill Passes House

Contract has been awarded at $379,856 for constructing and equipping the hydrogen gas plant of Langley Aviation Experiment Station and Proving Grounds at Hampton. Va., where the Government will expend millions of dollars. The Improved Equipment Co. of New York received the contract, and contract for building a dock and railway to connect the aviation plant with Back River has been awarded at $22,000 to the Vaughan Construction Co. of Shawsville, Va.

Course in Aerodynamics and Airplane Design

There are many difficulties in the analysis of a biplane structure: the distribution of loading between upper and lower planes; the resolution of loading in the planes of the lift truss and the internal bracing; the resolution of loading to give bending moments on the spars, and the alternative methods which may be employed in drawing up the stress diagrams.


Tests on a Series of Propeller Blade Elements*

The object of the tests was to provide the designer of aerial propellers with information relative to a series of standard sections, from the thinnest to the thickest in practical use as elements of propeller blades, which might be readily employed


Psychological Aspects of Aeronautics


Kapok—and Some of Its Uses

Kapok is the name given the fibre which envelops the seeds in the pods of the tropical trees of the Bombax family. The pods are about the size and shape of our common milkweed and the down has a similar silky lustre. Kapok has many interesting characteristics not found in other fibres.


The Cleveland Aero Engine


Syllabus of Lectures on Meteorology Given in the Course in Aeronautical Engineering at the Massachu

Importance of Meteorology in aviation; aircraft and weather in war: (a) General climate; (b) Weather and weather forecasts; military field meteorological services. The Atmosphere Composition; height; “Troposphere” and “ Stratosphere”; general characteristics of each.
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