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April 15, 1918

The Use of Jigs in Airplane Manufacture*

Senate Committee Recommends Single Aircraft Head

News of the Fortnight


The Use of Jigs in Airplane Manufacture*

A new industry calls for new methods—autres jours} autres mœurs—and the airplane industry is therefore not exceptional in demanding many departures from recognized woodworking practice. In the first place the number of machines required today is so large that their construction should be described as a manufacturing rather than a building operation.


Senate Committee Recommends Single Aircraft Head

On April 10, the Committee on Military Affairs of the Senate submitted to that body a report of its investigations into the aircraft situation. The majority report recommended that a civilian head with broad powers be appointed to direct the production of aircraft, and that this work be divorced from the Signal Corps. A minority* report defending the work of the Signal Corps was also rendered. Both reports are printed herew-ith in full.

News of the Fortnight

According to official announcements made by the Post Office Department the question of obtaining satisfactory landing stations for the proposed aerial mail route between Washington, Philadelphia and New York, has been definitely solved. The Washington terminal will be located on the polo grounds in Potomac Park, while the New York terminal wdll be situated at Belmont Park, L. I.

The Model C.V Albatros Biplane—Continued

Reference has already been made to the peculiar attachment of the tail plane to the body, which is shown in perspective in Fig. 15. The bulkheads of the body are extended outwards to form cantilever beams which support the tail plane. There are three of these cantilever beams, while further support is provided for the tail plane leading and trailing edges as indic a t e d in the sketches.

Aircraft Situation from a Manufacturing Viewpoint


The Largest Cut-Up Plant in the World

The largest cut-up lumber mill in the world is owned by Uncle Sam and is located at Vancouver Barracks just across the river from Portland, Oregon. It is under the direct control of the Spruce Production Division of the Signal Corps of the Army, Colonel Briee P. Disque commanding.


The Use of Cork in Aeronautics

Designers, builders, and users of aircraft have all gained materially by the experience of men who have played an important part in the development of the internal combustion engine as used in the automobile industry. Eacli material which enters into the construction of gas engines has played its part toward making those engines give more dependable performance and last longer than they formerly did.


Digest of the Foreign Aeronautical Press

Lhe b'okker Triplane—It has been one of the features of the development of German airplanes during the war that, up till comparatively recently, their performance has been obtained by a constant increase in engine power rather than by highly efficient aerodynamical design.

An Early Helicopter

Sir Charles A. Parsons, whose name is prominently connected with the steam turbine, is also one of the pioneers of aeronautics. As far back as twenty-five years ago Mr. Parsons made a series of experiments with a small steam helicopter which raised itself about 12 ft.

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