December 27, 1920

United Air Force-Pro and Con

Solar Radiation and Balloons

International Aircraft Marking


United Air Force-Pro and Con

The following are arguments which may be advanced against a United Air Service: (а) Unity of command in war is an essential. In military preparation for war those charged with responsibilities for efficiency in the Army and Navy must have full cognizance of training.


Solar Radiation and Balloons

Sunlight has an important effect, upon the life and operating characteristics of lighter-than-air craft. It affects both the temperature and life of the fabric of which the balloon envelope is constructed and the resulting temperature changes affect both the operation of the balloon and its gas permeability.


International Aircraft Marking

The reconvening of Congress again brings to the fore the serious question of the international aerial convention which United States Ambassador Wallace signed on May 31, last, in Paris, with certain reservations. Before this convention can bind the United States to the other contracting states—twenty six in number, including our neighbors, Canada and Cuba—it must be ratified by Congress.


Experimental Types Ordered By Army

That the Air Service of the Army has been developing in cooperation with the airplane manufacturers of the country types of airplanes in advance of any in the service at the present time is evidenced by the letting of contracts for designs for five different military airplanes.

New Naval Fleet Development

Three new types of ships for the United States Navy that will round out the fleet and add tremendously to its effectiveness are now under construction. The first of these, the new battleships, authorized in the 1916 building program, will be the largest and most powerful battleships in the world.

The Curtiss Liberty Engined Eagle

The most recent development of the Curtiss Co. is a single engined airplane, capable of carrying ten persons, or three-quarters of a ton of freight for a non-stop flight of ten hours. Equipped with a 400 hp. Liberty engine, it has in test flights recently set new records for the weight carried per horsepower.

Air Service Requests $60,000,000

The Chief of Air Service has submitted to Congress its estimated requirements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1922. The personnel required consists of 1,514 officers and 16,000 enlisted men. The financial requirements are divided into eight groups shown below, the total of which amounts to $60,000,000:

Commercial Aviation in South America

The recent trip of inspection made in an airplane by L. H. Kiek, general manager of the Anglo-South American Bank, of the branches of that institution in Brazil and Uruguay has directed attention to the great progress in commercial aviation in South America. Mr. Kiek started in an airplane of the River Plate Aviation Company at Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, and made the journey to Porto Alegre, Brazil, with necessary business stops at Montevideo, Rio Grande do Sul, Pelotas and Santa Anna, without a mishap and in a most comfortable manner.



Standard Charges for Airport Service

The following tables are reproduced from the French journal L’Air and show the standard charges for the various services at licensed airports. It will be recalled that the terms of the International Air Convention require that this schedule be uniform in any country and that no distinction be made between foreign and national aircraft.
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