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January 17, 1927

Engines at the Paris Aero Show

Duralumin Welding

The Ford “Flivver” Airplane


Engines at the Paris Aero Show

European Engine Development Well Represented at Grande Palais


Duralumin Welding

The Possibilities and Methods of Gas Welding of Duralumin


The Ford “Flivver” Airplane

Henry Ford’s First Lightplane


Foreign Aeronautical News Notes

By Special Arrangement with the Automotive and Transportation Divisions, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce



Aero Engines Under Review

THE PARIS Aero Show was, perhaps, a little more “international” as regards its display of engines than it was as far as airplanes are concerned. In addition to the thirty-two French engines exhibited, two British firms, both, curiously enough, champions of the air-cooled engine, displayed, in all, seven engines and there were, too, representatives of Italian and Czechoslovakian airplane engine constructors at the Show.

Publisher’s News Letter

Occasionally there passes out of the lives and affairs of men a rare character whose quiet and self-effacing guidance has had an important though unknown influence on the trend of some particular sphere of work. All achievement, no matter how material, is in its last analysis merely the reflection of an idea and all ideas are moulded by surroundings, opportunity and character.


Side Slips

Side Slips

Every one we have talked to seems to envy the officers making the 18,500 mile flight through the Pan-American countries. Having heard from various reliable sources of the great hospitality of our Southern brothers, we can imagine life for these fliers to be like a continuous race-week program, fetes, parties, etc.


Navy Air Orders

Lieut, (jg) Raymond B. Drinan det. Aircf. Sqdns., Battle Fleet, to Asiatic Station. Lieut. Comdr. Frederick Ceres det. VS Sqdn. One, Aircf. Sqdn., Sctg. Fleet, to staff Aircf. Sqdns., Sctg. Fleet. Lieut, (jg) Winfred P. Dana det. USS Wright, to Sctg.

Pal-Waukee Airport at Mount Prospect, III.

World Records

The National Aeronautic Association has received notice from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale that new world records for airplanes established in accordance with F.A.I. regulations have been recognized by that body, viz: CLASS C2—(SEAPLANES) Carrying a Payload of 2000 kg. (4409.24 lb.) Closed Circuit.

Pal-Waukee Airport at Mount Prospect, III.

The Northwest Aerial Forest Patrol

Six hundred hours of flying over the heavily timbered national forests of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and in Montana as far East as the Continental divide in the Rockies, without even a minor mishap, is the 1926 record of Pilots Nick B. Mamer and George Henry, fliers in the first patrol district.

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