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January 30, 1928

Notes on the Guggenheim Safety Competition

The Zenith "Albatross”

Near Future Developments in Navy Aircraft Engines


Notes on the Guggenheim Safety Competition

Minimum Performance Requirements


The Zenith "Albatross”

New Large Parasol Monoplane Powered With Three 125 Hp. SiemensHalske Engines Performs Well During Tests


Near Future Developments in Navy Aircraft Engines

UP TO the present year, the efforts of air cooled engine manufacturers have been directed mainly toward attaining the utmost in reliability. Air cooled engine installations have inherent weight advantages, due not only to their construction, but also to the elimination of radiators, water lines, pump and water.



Nine Curtiss Ol-B Falcon observation planes, wnich type is now standard for the Air Corps, were assigned to Mitchel Field and delivery has already begun. Approximately 100 of these planes are in course of construction at the Buffalo plant of the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co.

Foreign Aeronautical News Notes

By Special Arrangement with the Transportation Division, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce


A-M-L-O Lubricating Oil

New Product Has All Advantages of Coming From Pure Paraffin Base Crude Oil and is 100 Per Cent. Wax Free


Marines Use Vought Corsairs For Rescue Work in Nicaragua

WITH THE delivery of a number of Vought “Corsair” planes to the Marine Corps operating in Nicaragua, the Marine Aviation Unit there, under the command of Major R. E. Rowell, has become one of the most effective weapons against the rebels. These high-performance planes, the entire November production of the Chance Vought Corp. plant and delivered under urgent orders from the Navy Department, were received in Nicaragua during December and immediately placed in action.

Side Slips

We should like to have been able to present for this week’s column a complete copy of the conversation between Roger Williams and Clarence Chamberlin on their recent attempt to break the world’s endurance record, as they are, in our opinion, the cleverest and wittiest pair of fliers that ever got together.



Police Department to Have Plane



Philadelphia, Pa.

Three Waco 10’s and a Waco 10 seaplane have arrived at the Philadelphia Airport at Island Road below Tinicum Avenue as the first shipment in the order for 64 Wacos recently placed by Charles Townsend Ludington, president of the Ludington Exhibition Co., airport lessee.

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