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April 23, 1928

Wing Analysis

Potomac Flying Service Inc.

Airplane Dopes and Their Application


Wing Analysis

Stress Analysis of Commercial Aircraft, Chapter Number Seven


Potomac Flying Service Inc.

Washington, D. C. Company Has Flown 15,000 Sight-Seeing Passengers Within Six Months of Its Organization


Airplane Dopes and Their Application

"DOPE" IS the name that has been given to the cellulose base solution used as a filling and finishing material for the fabric covered surfaces of airplanes. It is a product which has been developed to meet a need in the aircraft industry which could not be filled by. ordinary finishing materials in use when aircraft were being perfected.


German Plane Crosses North Atlantic East to West

Junkers “Bremen” Flies 2,125 Mi. Non-Stop from Ireland to Labrador


Last Minute Briefs

The Aero Development Co. of Cedar Rapids, Ia., is developing an air cooled, radial aircraft engine. The Boeing “Flamingo” biplane flying boat has been tested in the waters near Seattle, Wash. Miller Airplane Products, Los Angeles, Calif., is developing a 110 hp. air cooled engine.

Side Slips

Mr. N. V. C. tells a story, worth passing along, about a pilot who was recently assigned to ferry a very slow plane on a rather long cross-country trip. He had warmed the engine up, waved the chocks away from the wheels and was about to start out when a final inspection of his instrument board showed that there was no clock mounted thereon.



Preferential benefits in compensations and retirement annuities for pioneer aviators of the Army in recognition of their services is urged in the MeSwain Pioneer Aviator’s Bill now before Congress. There are only seven of the veteran airmen now on active duty, these being Brig. Gen. Frank P. Lahm, Brig. Gen. Benjamin D. Foulois, Lieut. Col. Roy C. Kirtland, Maj. Henry H. Arnold, Maj. Thomas DeW. Milling, Maj. Lewis H. Brereton, and Maj. Herbert A. Dargne.

B. F. Mahoney Company Turns Out A Special Brougham for Lindbergh



Manufacturing Costs


To Equip the New Wright Engines With Special G. E. Superchargers

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