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July 9, 1928

The Air Corps Promotion List Problem

Aircraft Instruments

The Menasco-Salmson Engine


The Air Corps Promotion List Problem

AFTER BATTLING for eight years for a correction of injustices that were heaped upon them during and immediately after the World War, officers of the Army Air Corps stand on the threshold of obtaining that which is rightfully due them. The door of the Senate, which was slammed in their faces in the closing days of the last session in order that politics might reign supreme while remedial legislation was left crying for a friend, again will be opened to the humble petitioners of the Air Corps who seek no bonanzas, no special privileges, no pork, but appeal for a square deal and recognition for loyal service to the Nation which is being emphasized almost daily with the sacrifice of lives.


Aircraft Instruments

electric tachometers are in use to a limited extent. Fuel quantity gauges, which properly may be classed with power plant instruments, as employed are of three chief types, the plain sight tube, the float type and the hydrostatic type in which air pressure necessary to force air out of a tube extending to the bottom of the tank is taken as a measure of the fuel content.

The Menasco-Salmson Engine

Model B-2 is a Complete Redesign of the Original French Power Plant and Develops 260 Hp. at 1800 R.P.M.


Manufacturers' Specifications on Engines Available for Commercial Use as Compiled By Aviation

MANUFACTURER OR AGENT Aircraft Engine Co. Allison Engineering Co. Allison Engineering Co. Allison Engineering Co. Brownback Motor Laboratories, Inc.* Brownback Motor Laboratories, Inc.* Brownback Motor Laboratories, Inc.* Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co.

Foreign News

The Deutsche Luft Hansa has entered into an agreement with the Mitropa Co., which operates dining and sleeping cars in Germany, by which the latter concern will take over the sale of cold meals and refreshments in Luft Hansa airplanes. This service has been inaugurated on the Berlin-Vienna stretch of the “Adria Express”, which connects Berlin with Vienna, Venice and Rome, and on other lines.

The 1928 National Air Tour

and were accorded a hearty welcome by a large crowd. Following the arrival of the last plane, the fliers and their passengers were driven to the plant of the Prest-O-Lite Co., where a luncheon was served. The luncheon was presided over by H. H. Brooks, sales-manager of the Marmon Motor Car Co., who read a telegram from G. M. Williams, president of the Marmon Motor Car Co., and sponsor of the tour stop, regretting his inability to attend.


Portland, Ore.


Last Minute Briefs

A new feeder line to connect with the transcontinental air mail service is being considered with Wichita, Kan., as the division point. The proposed line would have Amarillo, Tex., as the Southern terminus and would connect with the transcontinental at St. Joseph, Mo.




San Diego, Calif.

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