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February 23, 1929

Flight Instruction at the Klemm School

Gliding as a Sport

Radio on the Byrd and Wilkins Planes


Flight Instruction at the Klemm School

THE Klemm Light-Plane Co., of Boeblingen, Germany, has established and maintains under its supervision, a school of aviation which offers a course of instruction that parallels the Governmental requirements for the private light plane pilot’s license.


Gliding as a Sport

Some Interesting Information Regarding Activities Here and Abroad, Type of Equipment Used, and Future Possibilities


Radio on the Byrd and Wilkins Planes

WHD! WHD!” Early on the morning of January 25 Fred G. Roebuck, operator at the Mussel Rock radio station, San Francisco, Calif., heard that call repeated over and over. From knowledge of the sending and the tone of the apparatus he could have identified it as Byrd’s steamer, the City of New York, even had the sender not given his signature.


Eight Groups Plan National Meetings at Detroit Show

Wide Variety of Aviation Interests Arranging Meetings; 91 Planes Entered



Offices of the Esline Company, hangar manufacturer, formerly located at 610 Michigan Street, Milwaukee, Wis., have been moved to Flanagan Block, Oconomowoc, Wis. All communications should now be sent to the latter address. Plans for a state-wide air tour are beingdiscussed by the aviation committee, Spokane Chamber of Commerce.



Take-about Sander

A HEAVY duty hand belt sanding machine, known as the Super Model B-4 Take-about Sander, is announced by the Porter-Cable Machine Co., Syracuse, N. Y. This machine was brought out to satisfy the demand for a type heavier and larger than the previous model.



English Firm Builds Fast Fighting Plane

NORWICH, ENGLAND—The “Partridge” is a new pursuit plane, built here by Boulton & Paul, Ltd. This company is also responsible for the construction of the framework of the new British rigid airship R.101, recently described in AVIATION. The new plane is powered with a Bristol Jupiter Series VII supercharged radial air-cooled engine rated at 450 hp.

Side Slips

The Intrepid Aviator dropped into the office on St. Valentine’s Day all decked out in a flossy new suit, flaming necktie, pearl gray spats and a cane. His reply to our inquiry as to what all of the celebration was about was to the effect that now that Colonel Lindbergh had become engaged he was going to do a little serious stepping out with the girls.



Engine Testing

THE testing of aircraft engines and especially air cooled radiais is a much more difficult task than is commonly supposed. Questions of cooling, piping away exhaust gasses, and the measurement of power at various speeds, present problems which must be met individually in the case of each new engine.


Foreign Invasion

IT is somewhat more than a coincidence that the International Civil Aeronautics Conference held in Washington to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of flight should have been preceded and followed by a series of agreements for the manufacture of foreign planes and engines in this country.
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