September 1, 1931

Remodelling Bulletins 7A and 7E

Fatigue of Aircraft Parts

Keeping Track of the Maintenance Dollar


Remodelling Bulletins 7A and 7E

The Department of Commerce confers with manufacturers and transport operators about the conditions under which they are to do business

Fatigue of Aircraft Parts

The second of two articles


Keeping Track of the Maintenance Dollar

THE selling price of commodities or services is more often than not determined by adding a reasonable profit to the total cost of manufacture and distribution. The selling price of a seat in a transport airplane between almost any two points in the United States at least, bears no relationship whatever to the cost per passenger-seat of flying the airplane between the two points, but is determined almost entirely by the tariff charged for the same transportation by competing carriers on the ground.


Racing Seaplanes

A designer’s experience with their development in the United States


Airport Patronage Promotion

Management of an airport is management of a business enterprise. Methods must be business-like throughout, with no dependence upon special blessings accruing from the glamor of aviation

Reduced-rate Aircraft Merchandising

Profits from airplane sales with merchandising expense at an absolute minimum


Low Cost Flying Time for Private Instruction

A RECENT survey of Pacific Coast flying schools indicates a growing trend toward popularization of private flight training, largely through very greatly reduced costs of instruction in certain quarters. The flying schools have been forced into such a program by the decreasing interest in commercial training which has lately manifested itself.

World and American Records

In these tables and those on the following page, records for duration, distance, and speed have been credited as made without waiting for homologation by the F.A.I. Altitude records, which are often changed by calibration, are not so included.
New Volumes for the Shelves

Three International Meetings

WHILE the three meetings of which the proceedings are listed here have enough similarity to justify a common treatment, they differ widely in purpose and background. The meeting at Tokyo, like earlier world power conferences in Europe, was literally a world-wide affair, with almost 300 organizations participating and about 700 foreign members and 3,000 Japanese attending.

Notes on Governmental Economy

THE halcyon days are over. Years when every Treasury estimate of governmental finance, however roseate, proved to have been conservative have given way to years in which the federal deficit gathers momentum like a snowball and finally has to be measured in ten figures.
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