October 1, 1931

The Economic Aspects of Transport Plane Design

The Sikorsky S-40 Amphibion

The Opportunity of the States


The Economic Aspects of Transport Plane Design

Operators and designers are beginning to realize that airline profits or losses may be materially influenced in the earliest stages of airplane design. Planes must not only be able to fly, but to fly profitably under a given set of conditions.


The Sikorsky S-40 Amphibion

A new giant for the Pan-American air fleet

The Opportunity of the States

A duty and an opportunity that seems to have been overlooked by the several states of this country. It is to contribute to the development of intrastate private and transport operation of aircraft in anticipation of the future tax revenue to be derived from these sources.


Pages From An Air Race Notebook

THE management of the National Air Races are in the fortunate position of having a problem which changes but little from year to year. They have been gradually accumulating experience ever since 1920, and they can take several months to think over the successes and failures of each meet before the problems of the next are full upon them.


Selling the Business Plane

The present depression is forcing executives in all branches of business to a realization of the need for closer contact in their fields of activity. This can be accomplished most efficiently by airplane. In the accompanying article the author discusses this and other phases of the business market and analyzes some three hundred sales of airplanes made to business men.


Structural Problems and the S. A. E.

Revision of load factors and suppression of vibrations claim attention

The Largest Dirigible

A brief but comprehensive description of the U.S.S. Akron’s design and construction
Flying Equipment

Approved Type Certificates

DURING the period Aug. 15 to Sept. 5 the Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce issued the following Group I approved type certificates : 443, American Pilgrim 100A (Hornet B 575 hp.) ; 445, Cycloplane Cl (Cyclomotor A2-25 22 hp.) ; 446, Pitcairn Autogiro PCA-3 (Wasp Junior 300 hp.) ; 447, Aeronautical, Aeronca Cl (Aeronca El 13 36 hp.) ; 448, Aeronautical, Aeronca C2N (Aeronca El 13).
Side Slips

Side Slips

Report of the National Air Races by Side Slips’ Special Correspondent, with the annual and probably unnecessary apologies to Mr. Ring Lardner.

Statistics of the Month

Statistics of the Month

COMPARISON of airplane production figures for the first half of 1931 released recently by the Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce with those for the same period last year show surprisingly little change. The current production totaled 1,606 planes, of which 1,069 were for civil use while in 1930 the figures were 1,684 and 1,177, from which the decreases have been 5 and 9 per cent.
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