November 1, 1931

Transport Planes for Profit

Development of Military Aircraft Design

The Autogiro, as I See It


Transport Planes for Profit

THE aviation industry is well past the pioneering stage. From now on, what we need is less invention and more application of the basic principles we have learned. The design problem must be analyzed much more carefully and systematically than heretofore if a satisfactory product is to be the outcome.


Development of Military Aircraft Design

Late of the German General Staff (Air Force Section) THE problem of the future development of military aircraft construction may be considered from a number of standpoints. One obvious method is to accept as a starting-point the course and rate of such development in the past.


The Autogiro, as I See It

WHEN fourteen years old, with lots of enthusiasm but without much to base it upon, I made a wager that within ten years there would be as many airplanes as automobiles. As the ten years slipped away it became increasingly evident that this enthusiasm was misplaced.


Speed Planes of 1931

THE National Air Races in this country and the Schneider Trophy Contest in England have brought into the limelight the most successful and novel racing planes produced in 1931. The machines at Cleveland set up new transcontinental and Thompson Trophy records, while the Supermarine-S.6B made several F.A.I. records in addition to a new mark for the Schneider.

Grooming An Air Fleet

WITH the transition of air transportation from the haphazard, under - organized, barnstorming stage to the realm of Big Business, the importance of purely engineering functions as distinct from operations has been steadily on the increase.

Perplexities of Air Express

Some of the problems which have confronted local operators in their efforts to develop express service, from surveys made by Monte S. Abrarns

New Volumes for the Shelves

THIS is the third annual volume of a series dealing with the law in relation to aeronautics as it has been developed in the United States. The first volume included all available material to November, 1928, the second volume from that date to November, 1929, and the present volume covers the intervening twelve months to November, 1930.

Reducing the Lubricating Oil Inventory

A discussion of the methods and apparatus for reclaiming engine oils


Statistics of the Month

THE curves of total and licensed airplanes, which in July and August showed a tendency to follow a definite upward course, have since become erratic. There has been no real increase in total planes since that time. AIR MAIL AND TRANSPORT (PAGE 153)

Selecting and Training Transport Pilots

Boeing’s system for schooling flying personnel

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