December 1, 1932

The Equipment of Air Forces

Design of Slotted Ailerons

Progress of Aviation Law


The Equipment of Air Forces



Design of Slotted Ailerons

SLOTTED AILERONS of the type originated by Handley Page in England are a comparatively recent innovation in this country, though they have been used with success for a number of years abroad. Since they possess several desirable characteristics rendering them superior to more conventional ailerons, the writer is encouraged to offer the present notes and design data from an extended experience with this type: particularly so since an inspection of some recent commercial airplanes, claiming to feature them, reveals an apparent misconception of the true function and geometry of the slot for most effective lateral control.


Progress of Aviation Law



Transport Servicing for Private Flyers

Notes on Thompson Aeronautical Corporation’s facilities for servicing Transamerican Airlines’ ships and those of private owners and other operators in the Great Lakes region. The eighth of a series of articles on transport maintenance.


Growing Wings on the Business Man

WHAT is the future of the aviation companies? In which direction lies their most promising market? What are the steps necessary to plant both wheels and tailskid in that market at the earliest possible date? Fifteen years after the War, aviation must still be considered an infant industry.


Selling Air Transport Is Everybody's Job

THE readers of AVIATION, without exception, have a deep personal interest in the prosperity of the aeronautical industry, from which a very large proportion of them actually draw their livelihood. Fortunately, their interest need not be a quiescent one.


A Departure From the Conventional

BY FAR the majority of the aircraft discussed in these columns during the last twelve months have had at least one characteristic in common,—they have lacked aerodynamic novelty. Improvements have been very much in evidence, but they were essentially refinements in accepted design standards, and radical variations have been sedulously avoided.

Flying Boats to French Frigate

ALMOST unhonored and unsung, a Navy patrol squadron attached to the Pearl Harbor Air Station has recently staged a flight that may open a new era in American high-seas aviation. Six flying boats have cruised in formation from Pearl Harbor, a few miles west of Honolulu, to French Frigate Shoals.

Side Slips

WE SEE by the papers that a Greek engineer has developed an airplane which is propelled by a set of foot levers operated by the pilot. We suppose it will be some time before this machine can be perfected and brought over here, but we might as well warn you not to be surprised if you see a man running wildly around your local airport some time in the future.


New Activities, New Income

WHEN a man finds that the amount of business that can be done in his line is shrinking, he has only three alternatives. He can, up to a certain point, stick the knife into expense in an effort to keep the margin of profit the same as before. He can reconcile himself to the current state of affairs, and to accepting a smaller income than in the past.
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