August 1, 1933

News of the Month

The Equipment of Air Forces

Power for Performance at the National Air Races


News of the Month

JUSTIFYING many months of careful preparation and rigid training the Italian air armada glided to moorings on Lake Michigan late on the afternoon of July 15 after a 6,100-mile flight from Orbetello. Air Minister General Italo Balbo had led the 24 flying boats practically in formation over Alps and Canadian wheat fields, as well as over the befogged water of the North Atlantic, in 47 hours, 52 minutes flying.

The Equipment of Air Forces



Power for Performance at the National Air Races

THE 1933 National Air Races held at Los Angeles proved very disappointing to those who attended in anticipation of seeing the latest developments in aeronautical design. The ships participating in the races showed no advancement and no new features over those in last year’s Air Races at Cleveland.


New Faces and New Policies in Washington

Administrators of the “new deal” for aeronautics in the Department of Commerce, and what they have to say

Not So Quiet Along the Potomac

EVERY AIRSHIP is entitled to a shakedown cruise, and every airplane to a series of test flights, before its performance is formally judged. The administration in Washington has now passed through the shakedown period. Its purposes are defined.


The Brake Pedal Problem

A few principles for foot pedals that may aid in standardizing their design


A West Coast Servicing Unit

An account of the servicing and supply activities of Pacific Airmotive Corporation, Ltd.

Side Slips

MR. S.P.J. of New York writes in that he is now getting up an expedition, probably to the South Seas, in search of some lower aspect ratios for airplanes. Apparently his ideas along this line came from the clipping which he enclosed,—being the technical description in another aeronautical magazine of an unusual airplane recently developed.


Two Junkers Transport Planes

SUCCESSFUL operation of the four-engined Junkers G-38 by the German Luft Hansa throughout the summer of 1931, on the Berlin-London route, has encouraged the construction of a second machine of the same general type embodying certain changes in passenger carrying accommodations.

The Roman Legions Fly Westward

OUTSTANDING characteristics of fascism under Mussolini have been daring and drama. That a proposal is bold is enough to commend it to the Italian chieftain, and in Italo Balbo the leader has a follower who fairly outruns him. The mass flight around the Mediterranean four years ago seemed a colossal undertaking.
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