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September 1, 1933

American Aeronautical Accessories, Materials, and Supplies

America’s Aeronautical Industry

News of the Month


American Aeronautical Accessories, Materials, and Supplies

IN the May issue of AVIATION we published a directory of American aircraft and engines, with special reference to the background and the special interests of the companies that produced them. We now reach the second installment of a directory of American aviation, the section that covers the accessories and supplies and the specifically aeronautical materials.

America’s Aeronautical Industry

A Record of Labors Engaged In and Victories Won


News of the Month

TO CO-OPERATE with the Federal Government in its economy policy, the Aeronautics Branch called a meeting on Aug. 15 at Washington between the Airways division and representatives of users of the airways to face the problem of meeting the reduction in airways maintenance allowance to $4,347,500 for the current year.

Code for the Air Transport Industry

AIR TRANSPORT is in an exceptional position in relation to the NRA. It is one of the relatively few industries that has been growing since 1929 and that has a larger employment now than it did at the beginning of the depression. A strict application of the general NRA rule of restoring 1929 employment in each industry would call for no changes of hours at all in this case, but in practice it is recognized that some industries can’t possibly get back to their 1929 figures and that others more happily situated or more rapidly growing will have to take up the slack.

New Suburbs for New York

Two serious attempts to provide seaplane service with terminals near the heart of New York City


Code for the Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

This Code is adopted pursuant to the National Industrial Recovery Act. It is presented by the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc., the recognized trade association of the aircraft manufacturing industry, and shall apply during the period in which the NRA is in effect.

Index to Directory

Airport Equipment: Allith-Prouty Company, Danville, 111. ; Arinco Culvert Mfgrs. Assn., Middletown, Ohio; The Austin Company, Cleveland, Ohio; S. F. Bowser & Company, Fort Wayne, Ind.; The Truscon Steel Company, Youngstown, Ohio.

Seven Days of Bad Weather

FIVE minutes after taking off from Floyd Bennett Field on his record-breaking solo flight around the world Wiley Post had his first taste of blind flying, but conditions improved until he was half-way across the ocean. From that time until the last half of the last leg of the flight the weather was almost continuously bad.


World Wide Markets

THIS ISSUE of AVIATION is frankly devoted to the endeavor to find new markets for American aeronautical products. In order that such an endeavor may be worth while, certain conditions must be met. The products must be good enough to maintain the market on their own merits after an opening has once been found for their acceptance on a trial basis.


Codes for Aviation

Aircraft manufacturing and air transport draft their industrial constitutions

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