November 1, 1933

News of the Month

The Case for the Transport Autogiro

The Equipment of Air Forces


News of the Month

THE TOTAL allotment (to Oct. 25) to aviation by the Public Works Administration was $17,207,486 under the new law which provides that the government supply 30 per cent of the cost of labor and materials, plus a 4 per cent loan if desired, to certain approved projects.

The Case for the Transport Autogiro

WHEN the Editor of AVIATION invited me to write about large load-carrying capacity autogiros I was at first inclined to look unfavorably on the idea. Recent studies of the possibilities of large autogiros, however, have proved that this application is entirely sound and full of immediate promise.


The Equipment of Air Forces



Schedule Making

ONLY recently has it been realized that factors other than cruising speed play a very important part in the elapsed time between two air transport terminals and this time is the real product which air transportation has to offer to the traveling public.


Search for An Ideal

LOGICALLY, the first step in establishing an ideal type of airplane is to list those attributes most desirable for the particular purpose at hand. Some items may be written down with a reasonable certainty that they will go unchallenged, but others will be controversial.


Zeppelin’s New Airliner

ON SEPT. 18 of this year the Graf Zeppelin completed five years of passenger mail and freight service, proving her worth. Her spectacular flights have led to regular and unostentatious trips across the South Atlantic between Germany and Brazil.


On Guard!

THIS is to be an editorial that we have often been urged to write during the past five years. We have always refused to do it. We have held back and held back, so long as there seemed the slightest reason for doubt or for difference of opinion. Now that the affairs of the world have reached a point where doubt and difference of opinion can hardly any longer exist, we hope that our deliberation will add force to the expression that we are at last ready to make.


Public Works and Aviation

IT IS more than two years since we first used these pages to advocate airport development as a particularly effective form of public unemployment relief. Under the conditions that then existed, most of the people who had the power to promote or to retard such a plan thought it impracticable to do anything.

The Private Pilot Speaks

I have just read your editorial on the private pilot in the last issue of AVIATION, and as a private pilot, I would like to express my great appreciation of the clear and convincing way in which you have expressed the reasons why we should be free from the nuisance of many of the regulations which are rightfully applied to commercial pilots and commercial aircraft.

Improving Airspeed Accuracy By Pitot Tube Location

IN THE United States, the pitotstatic type of Airspeed Indicator is in almost universal use. Speed indication is obtained by measuring the difference between the pitot (or dynamic) pressure caused by the impact of the air, and the static pressure (pressure of still air).

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