July 1, 1934

News of the Month

A New Law for Air Transport

Research on Parade


News of the Month

AIR MAIL AND TRANSPORT... Post Office Department’s new map nears completion as last temporary contracts are let to lowest bidders.... Compromise version of the Air Mail Bill with many new features, signed by President.... Aeronautics Branch starts new airway installation program, providing more landing fields and radio directional guidance.... Traffic volume swells as operators put on additional schedules with new equipment and faster service.... North American Aviation reorganizes to meet terms of new air mail legislation.

A New Law for Air Transport

Wholesale reorganizations in prospect, and temporary contracts become permanent, under the Black-McKellar Act

Research on Parade

The Ninth Langley Field Conference of the N.A.C.A. has a record attendance of representatives of all branches of the industry

The W-l Airplane

Senior Aeronautical Engineer National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Because of the recently revived interest in the problem of designing an airplane for private ownership, we have requested Mr. Weick to write the accompanying article which describes a ship, designed by him and his associates, the performance of which approaches closely the specifications laid down by the Department of Commerce in its light plane program.


Power Determination for Cruising Operation

In this, the fourth article of a series on operation at desired cruising conditions, the authors outline in detail the first of two methods of power determination in flight which is an essential requirement in the development of cruising control charts.


Aluminum Alloys Up to Date

During the past few years research has developed new alloys and new manufacturing technique for aluminum as applied to aircraft. In the series of three articles, of which this is the first, members of the Technical Staff of the Aluminum Company of America will bring our readers up to date on these materials.


Side Slips

Our Special Correspondent Makes His Final Report on the Fleet


Flying Services and Flying Schools

The Independent Aviation Operators of the United States, with headquarters in the Chase Hotel, St. Louis, Mo., recently circulated a questionnaire throughout the industry asking for suggestions as how best to improve the lot of the local operator.

The Department of Commerce Light Plane Specifications

THERE is a distinct resemblance to the requirements of the Guggenheim Safe Aircraft Competition of 1929 in the light airplane specifications issued recently by the Department of Commerce, which are presented herewith. In sponsoring the development of such a design by calling for bids for 25 planes for the use of his inspectors, Aeronautics Director Eugene Vidal believes that the simplicity and safety of operation and low operating cost will attract many new private owners.

Crouch-bolas Dragonfly

sheets, quickly wreck themselves against the solid rampart of basic physical law. The idea of producing lift in an airplane by utilizing slipstream effect in place of forward speed (however much it may resemble on first glance the selfpropelled sail boat theory) falls into quite a different category, and contains sufficient promise toward a solution of the airplane speed range problem to have attracted the attention and the serious effort of a group of experienced British and American aeronautical engineers.
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