August 1, 1934

World Airways, 1934

News of the Month

Performance Plus


World Airways, 1934

A survey of international airlines, their commercial and political significance, their aspirations and their governmental relationships


News of the Month

DECLARING that the fighting strength of the Army Air Corps is below that of other world powers and should be substantially increased to insure adequate national defense, the Baker Board (see AVIATION, May, page 155) submitted its report to Secretary Dern on July 18.

Performance Plus

The combined experience of operator and manufacturer have produced in the Brazilian Clipper, an airplane of outstanding merit as a high-speed, long-range load carrier.

Flying Equipment

FEW PERSONS have had as extensive a background in practical aerodynamics as has Capt. Frank Courtney, longtime test pilot, engineer and designer. Readers will recall him as a frequent contributor to AVIATION. After almost two years of design, experiment and construction he has recently test flown a new amphibion embodying a number of novel features which he designed and supervised the building for the Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

Spot Welding Aluminum Alloys

RIVETING long has been the basis of aircraft structural fabrication, and the properties of riveted joints are now well known. There is reason to believe, however, that resistance welding, both spot and seam may eventually replace a great many rivets used at present.


Designing Big Boat Hulls

THE HULL of a large flying boat such as the S-42, represents a whole succession of engineering decisions and compromises between the demands of conflicting requirements. Theory and practice influence each decision regarding the major characteristics that must be considered.


Power Determination for Cruising Operation

THE PROCESS of power determination in flight by the use of two types of engine calibration curves has been treated in detail in the previous article and an alternative method was mentioned. The second system of procedure to obtain the power-required history of the airplane in cruising flight is that of propeller calibration.


Northwest Passage

Progress report on Pan-American’s Arctic flight laboratory

Meteorological Resources for Transatlantic Service

AERONAUTICAL people, used to the extensive weather services available along our domestic air have little appreciation of the fact that before the outbreak of ocean flying there was simply no such thing as a forecasting service for the North' Atlantic.


Caribbean Workshop

Pan American progresses toward a transatlantic service by perfecting its technique on lesser waters
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