February 1, 1935

Quotes from the Aviation Commission

Under the Hood

The Future of Cruising Control


Quotes from the Aviation Commission

THE report of the Federal Aviation Commission, transmitted with a message to Congress by the President on Jan. 31, is a bulky document some 250 pages in length. Its contents, divided into several major sections and conveniently summarized, embraces recommendations for a broad federal aviation policy based on the findings of the commission during a six month period of study and hearings.

Under the Hood

Reactions of the student to modern instrument and beam flight training


The Future of Cruising Control

Development and refinements to come. The eleventh article in a series on operation at desired cruising conditions.



OUR flying students are grouped in two classes. Those who are regularly employed at our school, and attend ground school classes along with the flying courses, and those who purchase flying time at various and sundry times, and in amounts varying from 30 minutes to 20 hours.

Frontal Action

IN THE preceding article of this series we developed the basic concept of four types of air masses which intermingle to make up the atmosphere of the temperate latitudes. We also explained that these masses could be recognized through the study of certain of their temperature and humidity characteristics long after they had left their original conditioning sources—provided, of course, that the studies be carried out sufficiently high above the earth’s surface to eliminate the most variable of the surface modifications.


The 1934 Paris Salon

American products were notably absent, but their influence was plainly evident in many designs.



Appointment of Lt.-Col. FRANK M. ANDREWS as commander of the G.H.Q. Air Force of Army General Staff, places him in charge of virtually all military aviation. In 1917 Colonel Andrews was detailed to the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps, and during the intervening years has left the air arm only once when he served a term of duty with the American Army of Occupation.

Bellanca Bomber

METAL monocoque design has made such spectacular advances in this country during the past few years, that the steady progress achieved in welded tube structural technique during the same period has received less than its fair share of approbation.

Air mail rate revision

THE Bureau of Air Mail of the Interstate Commerce Commission has submitted its report to the whole Commission, recommending a general revision of the rates now paid to domestic air mail contractors. The Bureau of Air Mail was created by the Commission last July in accordance with the Air Mail Act of 1934 which directed the ICC to determine fair rates of compensation for the transportation of air mail.


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