September 1, 1935

Schools, Services, and Airports



Flying Service Decalogue


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—James Keeton, refuelling plane pilot for the Key brothers’ long flight, is cooperator of the KeetonParker flying service, Bates Field, MOBILE. Aug. 4 airminded Mobilians saw the Keys in “Ole Miss,” with Keeton and W. H. Ward in the refuelling plane, demonstrate how fuelling contacts are made.....


When the author spent most of his time flying free balloons and airships he didn’t worry about their stalling characteristics. He found it otherwise with airplanes, however, and ever since has been giving much of his time and energy to doing something about it.


Flying Service Decalogue

FOUR thousand years before the rise and fall of NRA there was a code in ten short sections designed to control the total of all human relations. Lives of fixed base operators are not as simple as were those of the followers of the Prophet of Sinai.


Air Mass Chart

An explanation of the Rossby diagram used in air mass identification and study. A fifth in Aviation’s series on the elements of modern meteorology.


Transcontinental Test Hop

AT the time I was asked to write this article on the small plane development of the Department of Commerce, I had had only one brief flight in the Hammond Y, an equally brief flight in the Waterman Arrowplane, and had not flown the Weick at all.


Clipper Gear

Accessories, instruments, gadgets aid Pan American's Pacific project

Flying Equipment

The Model 45 Fairchild

A new five-place cabin monoplane comes over the horizon from the direction of Hagerstown.
Flying Equipment

With Foreign Builders

Military equipment still holds the center of the European stage but a good summer crop of other types is also in evidence

Aviation People

The crash near Point Barrow, Alaska, last month cost American Aviation an unrivalled champion and a priceless friend. Few pilots could match the singlepurposed devotion with which WILEY POST pursued his profession. None ever reached such heights against so many handicaps.

Operator's Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
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