December 1, 1935

Schools, Services, and Airports

This Light Plane Business

Nose Wheels


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—Capt. John Donaldson, National Guard flyer and operator of the Donaldson Flying Service at BIRMINGHAM, was named State Director of Aeronautics at the organization meeting of the Alabama Aviation Commission held Oct. 23 in MONTGOMERY.

This Light Plane Business

IN SPITE of showers of dead cats and brickbats, a great deal more sympathy turns up for the Bureau of Air Commerce program to develop an airplane and an engine for the private market than was popularly supposed to exist. Taking the overall result of AVIATION’S survey of industry opinion there is almost a two to one vote in favor of direct sponsorship by the Bureau.

Nose Wheels

THE nose wheel as an essential part of a landing gear is not new. Many an old timer, like the original Curtiss pusher, had the main wheels well behind the C.G., with the nose wheel taking its fair share of ground loads. This arrangement however, was abandoned a long time ago.


New Wings for a New Germany

IMAGINE, if you can, our own Air Corps, our entire Naval Air Service, and the Bureau of Air Commerce rolled into one and multiplied many-fold, and you have a picture of Germany’s unified Air Ministry. Imagine Wright Field, the Naval Aircraft factory, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and the Bureau of Standards consolidated and you have something like the present German D.V.L. (Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt).


Skin Deep

The second of two articles on the allowable stresses in stressed-skin structures

The Maintenance Notebook

Cold Weather Maintenance

C. M. Belinn, superintendent of maintenance for National Airways, Inc., discusses some of the problems of winter operations under sub-Arctic conditions

Instrument Training From Scratch

ONLY one glimpse of the ground in his first 23 hours of flight instruction is the unique experience of one Boeing school student. Raymond Schwarz is beyond doubt the first airplane pilot in the world to be trained in instrument flying from the very beginning of his career.


Operator's Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
Flying Equipment

Giro Without Wings

Mechanical details of the Kellett K.D.-1 direct control giro.
Flying Equipment

Instrument Accessibility

An interesting solution for a tough problem worked out by Viking for Dr. Light’s Bellanca.
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