February 1, 1936


Protection of Aluminum Alloys

Schools, Services, and Airports



In the preceding article the author discussed the general characteristics of the several types of flutter. In this installment he treats the causes and cures for flutter of cantilever wings, tail surfaces, and servo controls.


Protection of Aluminum Alloys

Ten years of research in field and laboratory have developed satisfactory methods for protecting aluminum alloy aircraft structures against corrosion. Beyond its practical value to designers and users of aircraft, this paper is of interest in that its publication coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery by Charles M. Hall of the electrolytic reduction process which made possible the development of aluminum alloys.


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—HUNTSVILLE is awaiting approval by A1 Key, Department of Commerce district airport adviser, before taking steps to purchase the proposed municipal airport site on Whitesburg Drive. Acquisition of 75-acre field would make the city eligible for $48,326 of WPA funds, to be spent for a 60×80 ft. hangar, boundary lights, drainage and fencing.

New Wings for a New Germany

As the third and last of a series of articles telling of what he saw on a recent visit abroad, the author discusses the function of research in the building of


Aviation People

RALPH S. DAMON, whose resignation from Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company to join American Airlines was announced last month, has been elected vice-president in charge of operations for that airline. Mr. Damon, now 38, graduated from Harvard in 1918, served as a lieutenant in the Air Service during the War, joined Curtiss in 1922 as an engineer.

Operator's Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
News of the Month

Happy New Year

Railway Express Agency makes big gains. Operators discuss unified equipment program. Lines report big gains during 1936. Expect further progress in 1936
Flying Equipment

More About the Douglas Sleeper

First of new 24,000 lb. transports to be exhibited at National Pacific Show
Flying Equipment

Kinner Invader

Twin engined six-eight place cabin plane to be powered with Kinner C-7 engines
Side Slips

Side Slips

“PATENT POOLS IMPERIL NATION, WITNESS SAYS” (Washington Post headline). You may remember that a short time ago we decided to make early application for enlistment in the cavalry, thinking that to be one of the safer places to spend the next, and fast approaching, war.

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