September 1, 1936

Schools, Services, and Airports

To Spin Or Not to Spin

Preparations for 1036 Air Races Go on Behind Closed Doors


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—The WPA has released $65,300, to which the city will add another $3,500, for construction of the second concrete runway at Bates Field, MOBILE. . . . The HUNTSVILLE Board of Aldermen has taken an option on a 150 acre site, 3 miles from the city, which will be used for an airport.

To Spin Or Not to Spin


Preparations for 1036 Air Races Go on Behind Closed Doors

AS this is written, the time is exactly two weeks before the opening gun of the 1936 National Air Races. Reports of super-streamlined flying bullets and mysterious last minute air race entries are rife throughout the land. Previous pre-race hysteria is far surpassed by the flood of rumors and counter-rumors now circulating from behind closed doors of factories, hangars, private garages and other secret hiding places where the high priests of speed are brewing their strange potions.

Land Launched Seaplanes

IT was in the Azores, eight years ago, that I came to the conclusion that flying boats would eventually have to be launched into the air from land. I had been tearing the insides out of my engines trying unsuccessfully to get off the water with a load which I knew I could easily carry in the air.


Pressure—Current—Time on the Spot

Part II of an article on spot welding aluminum alloys in production.


We Get the Business Because We Know the Answers

THE telephone in my office rang. A long distance operator announced that Canadian Airways was calling from Montreal. The conversation was as follows: “Can you pick up a passenger here who must be in New York by 6 o’clock tomorrow morning?”

Flying Equipment

Latest Lockheed

The new Model 12, closely resembling the Electra, turns in high performance
Flying Equipment

Propeller Governor

Construction details of Hamilton-Standard’s constant speed propeller control finally disclosed

Aviation People

Who's who and what they are doing

Operator's Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
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