November 1, 1936

Schools, Services, and Airports

State Officials Trade Ideas

Some Practical Aspects Pf Rocketeering


Schools, Services, and Airports

A state-by-state tour of the flying fields

State Officials Trade Ideas

with Federal Officers at N.A.S.A.O. Annual Convention

Some Practical Aspects Pf Rocketeering

FEW problems connected with modern aviation are so frequently discussed, so often misunderstood, misinterpreted and misstated as rocket propulsion. Though the principle of reaction has been applied in certain toys since the days of ancient Greece, and though powder rockets were known and in use for about seven centuries (the oldest certain source is a Chinese chronicle relating to the battle of KaiFung-Foo in 1232 A.D.), scientific rocket research is of quite recent origin.


Deutschland Iiber Dem Aord Atlantic

GERMANY’S interest in trans-Atlantic flying which culminated in the survey flights of the two Dormer flying boats Zephir and Aeolus late this summer dates back many years. In 1929 Deutsche Lufthansa A.G. inaugurated a ship to shore service for mail in conjunction with the North German Lloyd line ships Bremen and Europa.

Time Marches Onso Must Sales

When a company sells more airplanes than anyone else in a year and then contracts for more engines than have ever been involved in any previous commercial order, it is time we looked into their sales methods. Here the sales manager tells how he did it

Pounds Or Pounds Per Square Inch

IN these days of stressed-skin construction, designers have become fully aware of the fact that the commonly-used strength-weight factors for various materials are of small significance. There is a general understanding that stiffness becomes of greater importance than strength in many cases.


I. Ultimate Maximum Speed at Sea-level

The first of a series of articles discussing the upper limits of airplane performance. Later articles will cover speed at altitude, range and ceiling


Aviation People

Who's who and what they are doing

Operators' Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
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World Transport

Two oceans and three continents are drawn closer together by airplane and airship
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