December 1, 1936

Schools, Services, and Airports

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Design Ror Production


Schools, Services, and Airports

A state-by-state tour of the flying fields

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WHEN TWA decided to undertake an investigation of high altitude flying, two planes were available,—a single engine Northrop Gamma and “300”, the bimotored DC-1, first Douglas transport to be built. The performance of either plane at altitude is approximately the same, but obviously the cost of operating the Gamma would be far less than that for the DC-1.


Design Ror Production

IF EVIDENCE were wanted to dispel for all time the ancient delusion that the art of airplane de sign consists of drawing pretty pictures with plenty of swish, the audience at the Society of Automotive Engineers’ aircraft production meeting in Los Angeles provided it.

The First ½ Million Miles of Pacific Progress

AFTER the great editorial and journalistic splurges that attended the opening of Pan American Airways trans-Pacific air mail service last fall and the inauguration of its trans-Pacific passenger service last month, it might seem there was little left to be written on the subject.


IL. Ultimate Maximum Speed at Altitude

The second of a series of articles discussing the upper limits of airplane performance. Future articles will cover range and ceiling


Thin-Walled Structures

The author of last month’s article “Pounds or Pounds per Square Inch” continues the interpretation of modern forms of construction on a weight-strength basis and gives us his view on future trends.


Aviation People

Who's who and what they are doing

Operators' Coner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
News of the Month

Production, Sales

Stearmans for Brazil. United Aircraft increases wages

Practical Uses of Propeller Brakes

SINCE the introduction of propeller brakes on large multi-motored aircraft, there has been sufficient experience with them to make some appraisal of their value in practical operation. The utility of a device to stop an idling propeller almost instantly is two-fold.

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