February 1, 1940

Aviation’s Civil Aircraft Specifications

American Aircraft Engine Specifications

Aviation’s Military Aircraft Specifications


Aviation’s Civil Aircraft Specifications


American Aircraft Engine Specifications


Aviation’s Military Aircraft Specifications


Directory of Aircraft Manufacturers

Abrams Air Craft Corp., 606 Shirwasse St., Lansing, Mich., Talbert Abrams, President, K. Ronan, V. Pres., Gen. Mgr., & Ch. Engr., R. Kunzl, Prod. Mgr................................ 38 Aeronautical Corporation of America, Lunken Airport, Cincinnati, O. Carl I. Friedlander, Pres., John W. Friedlander, V. Pres., Carl Wootten, V. Pres. in chg. sales, Albert Helmers, Treas., Grace L. Hoffman, Sect., James A. Weagle, Ch. Engr.. Giles E. Barton, Prod. Mgr....... 37
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National Aviation

Important additions to the country’s air route system will get into operation next spring or summer. Hearings have been completed on the applications of Western Air Express and Inland Air Lines for the run from Great Falls, Mont., to Lethbridge.

American Planes Engines for 1940

IN THIS PERIOD of great activity in all branches of the industry there is no time to pause for a display of wares. Few of us have taken time out even to think about a general air show this winter. Nearest approach was the recent Air Corps exhibit in Washington which was an excellent display of military equipment but necessarily lacked representation of the civil aircraft manufacturers.
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Aviation Abroad

Last month’s increased air activity in the war not only gave plenty of signs that it might toughen up before long, but also brought in enough data to permit a few clinical observations. The North Sea saw most of the action, but there was a big difference between the way the Germans and British went about it.

Flightray Ready for the Field

Bassett and Lyman of Sperry Describe Cathode-ray Indicator to Institute of Aeronautical Sciences

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Aviation Manufacturing

If another example is needed that it never rains but it pours, note that the same year that brought a flood of war orders saw a 40% increase in passenger miles flown by domestic airlines. One result is increased interest by the airlines in larger craft.
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Transport Aviation

WASHINGTON (AVIATION BUREAU)—CAA hearings on application for merger of Western Air Express with United Air Lines are completed and Washington is predicting the Authority will approve it. W. A. Patterson, United’s president, testified that Company has no intention of running direct from Denver to Los Angeles, passing up Salt Lake.
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