July 1, 1944

Here Are Your Markets


The North American P-51 "Mustang"

Biggest, Fastest, Highest Flying Bomber Carries Largest Bomb Load Greatest Range


Here Are Your Markets

Concluding AVIATION'S detailed presentation of nation-wide merchandising data, the Mountain and Pacific regions are analyzed. And finally, the broad distribution framework is ranged, with logical locations named for setting up a national aviation-product sales and service network.


The North American P-51 "Mustang"

AVIATION'S graphic and thoroughly detailed engineering dissection of NAA's great fighter—initially completed less than four months after design inception, then fourfoldly hailed for lowaltitude cooperation, dive-bombing versatility, high-altitude fighting speed, and long-range prowess.


Biggest, Fastest, Highest Flying Bomber Carries Largest Bomb Load Greatest Range

Pressurized cabin is feature of superbomber . . . Simplicity of plane's construction demonstrates maker's mastery of manufacture

Aviation Research—Engineering—Production

Shop Equipment & Accessories

Electrode with new coating for use in welding aluminum sheets and castings is announced by Eutectic Welding Alloys Co., New York City. Stated to open a new field for arc welding—salvage and reclamation of aluminum castings—it is said that "EutecTrode 2100” can be used to add metal without completely preheating casting and without overheating metal adjacent to weld.
Aviation Research—Engineering—Production

Fan Cooling "Ups" Engine Performance

A pointed and thorough discussion of theory and experimentation leading to noteworthy savings in brake horsepower through employment of fan devices to force cooling air past the engine in high-altitude flight.


How to Get Top Efficiency From Your Vacuum Pumps

Detailed here are Pesco's precise methods of installing and maintaining these essential units—and instructions are provided for building a suitable test bench.

The Blitzkrieg Goes to Sea

Here, by one of the leaders who helped build it, is a dramatic yet realistic appraisal of our newest weapon—carrier-based aviation. What it can be expected to do in the future makes "must" reading.


How Women Flyers Fight Russia's Air War

Many hurdles—of education and of opportunity—have faced the women who have contended for places in Soviet aviation. But those places definitely have been won, first in record flights and now in actual front-line sky fighting.

Air Transport

Three International Policies —Which Will We Have?

With no clues as to what government policy may be, U. S. airlines express their own views which, despite their typical American divergencies, all point toward the same goal.

Aviation Research—Engineering—Production

Load Characteristics of Cellulose Acetate Plastic

Changes in strength and resistance of this material caused by age, torsion and moisture are considered in this second article of Mr. Findley's significant series.

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