November 21, 1983

Air Transport

Carriers Intensify Labor Cost Drive


Japan Setting Higher Aerospace Goals

Space Technology

Spacelab 1 to Fly Large Earth Sensors

Air Transport

Carriers Intensify Labor Cost Drive

Airlines renew efforts to hold down wages and benefits; changes to employee classifications also under way


Japan Setting Higher Aerospace Goals

Tokyo—Japan’s participation in the new V2500 international engine program represents its largest collaborative aerospace venture yet and symbolizes the ambitions of the nation’s aerospace industry to expand both in business volume and the exploration of new technology.

Space Technology

Spacelab 1 to Fly Large Earth Sensors

Huntsville, Ala.—Space shuttle’s ability to carry unusually large instrumentation will enable the joint U. S./European Spacelab 1 mission to fly some of the most sensitive Earth and atmospheric sensors ever used in space. “Spacelab l’s atmospheric and Earth sensors are tremendous instruments from the standpoint of both their capability and their size,” Charles R. Chappell, U. S. mission scientist at the Marshall Space Flight Center here, said.

Air Transport

McDonnell Douglas Halts Transport Projects

Managers cite lack of commitment from potential customers in terminating proposed MD-90, MD-100, D-3300 programs


Norad Updating Data Handling System

Colorado Springs, Colo.—Computer and communications system upgrade program covering a five-year period at a cost of about $1 billion is under way at North American Aerospace Defense Command's Cheyenne Mountain complex near here. One of the primary purposes of the improvement program is to increase operational flexibility and maintainability of automated data processing and communications systems in Cheyenne Mountain, according to Brig.

Satellite Communications

China Plans Upgraded Satellite Network

Geneva, Switzerland—People’s Republic of China is planning to buy a foreign-built community television broadcast satellite as part of its long-term program to establish a comprehensive domestic educational and business communications network.

Missile Engineering

Supersonic Target Vehicle in Flight Test

Eglin AFB, Fla.—Triservice supersonic target vehicle being tested here is designed to provide realistic simulation of fighters, bombers and missiles currently in use and aerial threats foreseen through the 1990s. The Teledyne Ryan Firebolt has been launched on five development test and evaluation flights and has reached a speed of Mach 4.0 at an altitude of 100,000 ft.

Air Transport

British Aerospace Seeking Turboprop Project Launch

Manchester, England—British Aero-space’s Manchester Div. is pushing for early launch of its advanced turboprop (ATP) transport, arguing that if the program goes ahead now, the 60-70-seat aircraft will fill a gap in the market where at present it has no competition.

Business Flying

Exports to South Africa Face More Limits

Washington—New requirements and restrictions on U. S. business activity in the Republic of South Africa, placed in the House version of the Export Administration Act reauthorization bill to protest that nation’s race segregation policy, may affect part of the U. S. aerospace industry.

Aeronautical Engineering

Singapore Firm Seeks Aircraft Projects

Singapore—Government-owned Singapore Aircraft Industries, which was established to maintain and overhaul aircraft of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, is studying options for entering the field of aircraft manufacturing. The company has held discussions with McDonnell Douglas, Northrop, Spain’s Construcciones Aeronáuticas, S. A., Italy’s Siai Marchetti and others in its search for a suitable manufacturing program.

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