May 18, 1929

Aeronautical Engineering Section

The High Altitude Airplane

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Slots and Spins

Manufacturers’ Specifications on American Commer Hal Airplanes and Seaplanes as Compiled By a VI At

Aeronautical Engineering Section

The High Altitude Airplane

The Concluding Article Discussing Engineering Problems in the Design of an Airplane to Navigate in the Stratosphere

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Slots and Spins

Abstracts from a Paper Read by Lieut. Carl Harper, U. S. N., at the S.A.E. Sessions Held During the Detroit Aircraft Show


Manufacturers’ Specifications on American Commer Hal Airplanes and Seaplanes as Compiled By a VI At

MANUFACTURER Designation Price'of Plane at of Seats No. of Make Engine Rated HP. Total Propeller Make of (Sq.Ft.) Area Wing Overall Length Overall Height Empty Weight (Lb.) Water If Water With Cooled is Used Engine Load (Lb.) Pay DisposableLoad (Lb.) Gross Weight Normal Loaded (Lb.) Loading Wing (Lb. Sq.Ft.) per

The Licensing Section of the Aeronautics Branch

A SHORT time ago a man hurried into the Licensing Section of the Department of Commerce at Washington and demanded to see Chief Jesse W. Lankford immediately. “I’ve been working over two years for the X— Aircraft Engine Co.,” he stated, producing supporting evidence.


The Fleet Biplane (Models 1 and 2)

THE FLEET BIPLANE, which is at present manufactured by the Consolidated Aircraft Corp., Buffalo, N. Y., for Fleet Aircraft, Inc., is a two place, single bay type having seats in tandem in a single cockpit cutout, and designed for engines in the 60-150 hp. range of radial air cooled types.


Motor Truck Advertising Versus Airplane Advertising

TWO YEARS AGO one of the arguments used in selling airplanes to business houses was the advertising value of such a transportation medium. The businessman was told that people would stare in interest, if not amazement, when his plane passed over.

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Technical Reviews

N.A.C.A. Technical Report No. 299, Investigation of Damping Liquids for Aircraft Instruments, by G. H. Keulegan. This report covers the results of an investigation carried on at the Bureau of Standards with the financial assistance of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.

Side Slips

ACCORDING to the news, the Department of Commerce is planning to start shortly a system whereby the aviator can pick up his radio telephone and inquire about the weather conditions in whatever direction he happens to be flying. With the telephonic tradition that one always gets the wrong number added to the weather bureau tradition of always guessing wrong, the pilot is going to be in considerable of a quandary as to the value of this service.


The Series C "Wasp” Engines

A NEW “WASP” engine embodying several modifications in the design of previous models, has been placed in production by the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Corporation of Hartford, Conn. This engine, which is designated “Series C,” has a commercial rating of 420 hp. at 2,000 r.p.m. and a military rating of 450 hp. at 2,100 r.p.m.

Report Additional Airport Construction

Development Work Continues in Many Places
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