June 29, 1929

The Problem of Engine Fuel Requirements

Increased Production with Decreased Personnel

The Operation of Western Canada Airways, Ltd.


The Problem of Engine Fuel Requirements

A Discussion of the Characteristics of Aircraft Fuels and the Important Part They Play in Efficient and Economic Operation


Increased Production with Decreased Personnel

Some Facts and Figures Regarding Stinson Aircraft Corporation Manufacturing Methods at Its New Factory


The Operation of Western Canada Airways, Ltd.

PROBABLY nowhere in the world have aircraft demonstrated their usefulness to a greater extent than in northern Canada. For here, meeting pioneer conditions, competing with canoe, dog team, and packsack transportation, they have not only been able to show savings of time estimated in weeks and months rather than hours, but generally a real saving in transportation costs as well.


Comments Regarding the Selection of Edward P. Warner as Editor of “Aviation”

"AVIATION” and its readers are fortunate in securing the services of Edward P. Warner as Editor of that publication. I had the privilege of being in virtually daily contact with Mr. Warner while he served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy in Charge of Naval Aeronautics.


Marion Aircraft Corporation, Marion, Ohio, will soon place its Marion monoplane in production. For the convenience of visiting pilots, a Hertz Driv-ur-Self station will be established at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport, according to an announcement by Waldo Waterman, field manager.

Announce Exhibitors List and Events for Air Races

Contest Prizes Total More Than $72,000

The Westland Four

A DESIGN TREND toward the medium weight, multi-engined commercial airplane in England is indicated by the development of the Westland Four, high wing, cabin monoplane powered with three Cirrus Mark III engines, each rated at 85-95 hp. Other power plants in the same range can be provided, and the second of these planes will be powered by three of the new Cirrus Hermes engines, each of which are rated at 105 hp.


HAROLD OLSEN has been appointed assistant sales manager of the Minneapolis branch, Universal Aviation Schools. CARL A. ZEIZER, has joined the pilot staff of the Universal Aviation Corporation at St. Louis. WILLIAM MCKINLEY Solberg, has been appointed instructor.

Report Additional Airport Construction

Development Work Continues in Many Places

Side Slips

Probably this suggestion will be too late to help New York in its problem as to the proper way to receive the “Yellow Bird” stowaway, but our idea of an appropriate ceremony would be something along this line. Have the welcoming parade follow the same route as was taken by the Lindbergh parade, with Grover Whalen in the first car enthusiastically spanking the stowaway throughout the entire trip, with Mayor Walker putting the finishing touches to the spanking on the steps of City Hall.

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