October 12, 1929

Safety Work in Aviation

The Fifth Annual National Air Tour Takes Off

The Use of Light Alloys in the Manufacture of Aircraft


Safety Work in Aviation

The National Safety Council Discusses Aeronautical Problems


The Fifth Annual National Air Tour Takes Off

HAVING AMASSED a total score of 5,709.08, Johnny Livingston, president, Midwest Airways of Aurora, I11., flying a Waco 225, led 28 additional entrants in the Fifth Annual National Air Tour for the Edsel B. Ford Trophy, when the famous commercial airplane reliability entourage hove out of a hazy horizon and landed on St. Hubert’s Airdrome, Montreal, Canada, Sunday afternoon, Oct. 6, principally because of his exceedingly low stick and unstick score, the lowest of any entrant in the Tour.


The Use of Light Alloys in the Manufacture of Aircraft

The American Electrochemical Society Discusses Their Status and Their Future Possibilities

Ford Motor Company and American Aeronautic Development

Three Standard Models Are Adopted; Production Is Increased 400 Per Cent in 1928; Contributions of the Company to Aviation Summed Up


The Emsco "Challenger" Tri-Engined Monoplane

FLIGHT TESTS of the Emsco "Challenger" triengined cabin monoplane conducted at Long Beach, Calif., with Jack Reid as test pilot, proved the latest of Charles Rocheville’s designs to be as efficient as the Albatross series which has preceded it.


What Our Readers Say

Thank you for proof of editorial under date of Aug. 17 from AVIATION. I want to tell you that the Post Office Department has been trying to put across just what you drew out in the editorial. I had already written an answer to the story in the Washington Post.

The Business of Selling and Servicing Parachutes

FACED WITH the double-barreled problems of creating a market all its own, and of convincing that market of the utility value of its product, the Russell Parachute Company of San Diego, Calif., manufacturer of the Russell “Lobe” parachute, has in a comparatively short space of time built up a national sales and service organization that might well be used as a pattern by other organizations engaged in the accessory field.


Side Slips

APPARENTLY INSPIRED by the suggestion in this space a few weeks ago that pilots at the National Air Races be put through a navigability test, "Anonymous' suggests the following figure of merit for the pilots of the Ford Tour: Number of thirsty pilots Displacement (Full load) Number of stop-overs Drinks available Figure of merit.


Airport Construction Projects

BOEING has contracted with Standard Oil Company of California for the surfacing of 4,000,000 sq.ft, of runways at United Airport, Burbank, Calif. The runways are 300 ft. wide and about 3,500 ft. long. This contract does not include the asphalt and concrete surfacing to be installed at various points on the field.


Air Mail service between MiamiAtlanta-New York will be doubled, beginning Oct. 15. Boeing Airplane Company has moved into its new $70,000 hangar at Seattle, Wash. Wausau, Wis., plans to construct an electric beacon of 8,000,000 cp. on Rib Mountain, the highest point in the state.
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