January 1, 1933

American Airplane Specifications

Europe’s Aircraft Industries Show Their Wares

1932 Passes Into History


American Airplane Specifications


Europe’s Aircraft Industries Show Their Wares

The Thirteenth Paris Aeronautical Exposition as it looked to an American


1932 Passes Into History

Closing months of a lean year show promise for the future

Estimate of the Situation for 1933

Backed by two years’ experience, a prophet again looks into the future


Aviation in the Federal Budget

Next year’s plans

Side Slips

WE SEE in the columns of our favorite magazine that Ludington Air Lines are now issuing commuter’s tickets, which will enable regular line travelers to obtain eight rides for the price of seven. Note for the Department of Commerce : Some strength data and regulations on straps for “straphangers” will be needed very shortly.


Consider the Prior Art

LET US begin with a platitude. There is nothing new under the sun. That being said, we can get down to business. Not long ago the head of a research department of a great industrial organization remarked that twothirds of all the problems referred to his division for solution could be answered without doing any research anywhere except in the library.

Creed for the New Year

WHEN President Hoover faced the problem of drafting a Thanksgiving proclamation for 1932, he met with an issue which may have presented some difficulties by going back a hundred and forty years and re-issuing the first proclamation of the first president.


A Study in Simplified Structure

WITHIN the past few weeks a trim white sports biplane has ap peared on certain eastern fields which looks conventional enough on first glance, but which embodies certain structural features that are sufficiently novel to attract attention.

Corporate Earnings

Brightest among the financial reports for the third quarter and first nine months of this year is made by United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. Its net income after taxes, depreciation and minority interest amounted to $727,180, equivalent, after deduction of requirements for preferred dividends, to 28 cents a share on 2,084,780 shares of preferred stock; this is an improvement of one cent a share over earnings for the corresponding quarter of 1931.
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