October 1, 1935

Schools, Services, and Airports

Pursuit Ideal

Control Sensitivity


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—A crowd of 10,000 witnessed an air show, late in August, put on by the BIRMINGHAM Aero Club. . . . Birmingham flying enthusiasts are already looking forward to another airshow, the City’s Annual Air Meet, which will take place Oct.

Pursuit Ideal

An Italian View


Control Sensitivity

Associate Professor of Aeronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Ridge Soaring Weather

ANY discussion of the meteorology of soaring must start with a sorting out of the different types of atmospheric phenomena which can be used to sustain motorless flight. There are at least five distinct categories : winds rising over ridges ; convection currents associated with cumulus clouds ; dry thermal convections ; the fronts between dissimilar air masses ; and gusts.


Tapping the Mass Market

THE fifteen-dollar-a-week elevator operator or clerk has just as sincere an interest in flying as the $50,000-a-year playboy—and there are many thousands of times more clerks than playboys. Beyond all doubt the mass market offers real opportunities to the airplane manufacturer and distributor, if he can only see them. This is no new idea.

News of the Month

”our Wings Grow Faster”

Important new landplane, amphibian, and women’s marks feature the month.

Mister Mulligan

1935 turned out to be a Howard year as far as races are concerned. Here9s hou\ as told


Operator's Cornet

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
Flying Equipment

Belt Drive Experiment

Casey Jones School investigates possibilities of Vee-belt for propeller drives
Flying Equipment

With Foreign Builders

A miscellany of sport types from here and there, a few transport notes, and two large flying boats
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