April 1, 1937

Specifications of American Airplanes

Airplanes for 1937

American Engine Specifications


Specifications of American Airplanes

Aviation does not assume responsibility for figures given

Airplanes for 1937

In the pages that follow we present the latest available information on what America has to offer to world markets. Models now obsolete (and therefore not readily available commercially), as well as those not yet released for general use under Army and Navy restrictions have been omitted.

American Engine Specifications

AVIATION does not assume responsibility for the figures given

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Record of Progress

Airports and Aerial Service

WITH AIR TRANSPORT BOOMING AHEAD and manufacturing once more on its feet, the steady climb of local operating back toward predepression levels looses in spectacularly, but is none the less real. Some observers, pointing out the almost complete diversion of intercity passenger traffic from the local operator to the airline, estimate the rest of the miscellaneous activities that go on around airports is already back to normal.


From the Skyways of the World
Record of Progress

Production and Exports

THE AMERICAN AERONAUTICAL MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, especially in the private owner and operator market, was slower to come back from depression lows than most other branches of manufacturing. Even military production, in spite of the availability of large appropriations for new craft, was stalled for some time by new and complicated procurement regulations.
Record of Progress

F. A. I. Records

“World Records” recognized are: Max. Speed over 1.86 mi. course 440.7 m.p.h., Italy; Airline Distance 5,657 mi., France; Closed Circuit Distance 6,587 mi., France; Altitude 72,395 ft. U. S. (Stratostat); Circuit of World and Refueling Distance not yet established.
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Army Buys—

Five S-43's and six Kellett autogiros added to roster

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