August 22, 1955


Usaf Contracts

Speed R & D, Usaf Orders Industry


Lufthansa Seeks Transports for Growth


Usaf Contracts

Following is a list of recent contracts announced by the United States Air Force: United Aircraft Corp., Sikorsky Aircraft Div., Crane Bldg., South Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., H-37 mobile training units, 1 set, (IFB MIPR R-55-528-AVD-RP), $428,988.

Speed R & D, Usaf Orders Industry

U. S. survival depends on ‘exploratory development’ for weapon systems advances, Gen. Power tells AFA.


Lufthansa Seeks Transports for Growth

Bonn—Lufthansa German Airlines, which on March 31 became an operative airline for the first time since 1944, is in the market for new transports which it hopes to place in service on present routes and still others now in the planning stage by late 1957.


Rugged Stacked Ceramic Tubes Move Into Pilot Production

Stacked ceramic tubes operating in ambient temperatures of 300-400C are moving into the pilot production stage and will be available in limited quantities for avionics industry evaluation in the near future. Developed by Sylvania and Eitel-McCullough under Navy BuShips and USAF sponsorship, the tube projects were first revealed last year (AW June 28, 1954, p. 61).


New Ge Lab to Push Research in High-temperature Materials

Schenectady, N. Y.—A new $ 5-million metals and ceramics facility, which will help scientists extend the frontiers of knowledge concerning very-high-temperature materials, will be opened this week at the General Electric Research Laboratory near here.


Recent Stock Changes as Reported By Sec

Acquisition of 14,300 common shares of Glenn L. Martin Co. stock by J. B. Wharton, Jr., a director of the company, was reported in a summary of security transactions by Securities and Exchange Commission. Other transactions include: Aero Supply Mfg. Co., Inc. Disposal of 4,000 common shares by William H. Coleman, director, leaving an indirect holding of 15,485; disposal of 500 common shares by Henry M. Margolis, director, leaving a holding of 15,200.

Also on the Market

Magnesium pallet dollies feature extruded magnesium frames, phenolic resin rollers, tilt construction, rounded side rollers and heavy roller bearings. Capacities range to 4,000 lb.—Magnesium Company of America, Materials Handling Division, E. Chicago, Ind.

Tacan Release May Speed Single System


There Is No ‘gray’ Security Area

The federal government has become the principal source of information we need—news about atomic energy, our military strength, our plans for civil defense, our relations with other countries, even the projected earth satellite. The duty of keeping the people fully informed is one of the most important confronting our officials.

New Avionic Products

Components & Devices Subminiature centrifugal blower for cooling airborne avionic equipment measures only 2⅞ in. long and weighs less than 6 oz. Blower is available with CW or CCW rotating in single or double-ended models. A single-ended 20,000 rpm blower can deliver 13 cu. ft./min. at 0 in. static pressure, while a 11,000 rpm unit delivers 7 CFM.
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