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Lightplane Improvement Projects Offered Naca By Caa, Aopa, Aia, Page: 13 - MARCH 25, 1946 | Aviation Week
MARCH 25, 1946 P. 13, 14 PRIVATE FLYING

Lightplane Improvement Projects Offered Naca By Caa, Aopa, Aia

41 proposals give preview of likely future trends in personal-type aircraft development; Crowley, NACA research director, says it is already working on some of the suggestions. By BLAINE STUBBLEFIELD
Plan Urged to Boost Plane Utility, Page: 47 - OCT. 17, 1949 | Aviation Week
OCT. 17, 1949 P. 47, 48 SALES & SERVICE

Plan Urged To Boost Plane Utility

Loening cites personal plane gains but calls for more technical development to achieve demands of public.
Aviation News, Page: 1 - DEC. 24, 1945 | Aviation Week
DEC. 24, 1945 P. 1

Aviation News

Noise Problem Up to Industry, Page: 27 - NOVEMBER 1,1948 | Aviation Week

Noise Problem Up To Industry

Results of NACA-sponsored experiments demonstrated with two stock models modified for sound reduction. By Alexander McSurely
Navigation Guide, Page: 18 - JULY 29, 1946 | Aviation Week

Navigation Guide

Mockup of 400-passenger Plane Shown at Dallas Convair Plant, Page: 7 - MAY 8, 1944 | Aviation Week
MAY 8, 1944 P. 7 Headline News Section

Mockup Of 400-passenger Plane Shown At Dallas Convair Plant

Projected Model 37, designed as super-transport for post-war production, is mid-wing monoplane of pusher type with six giant air-cooled engines. By ALEXANDER McSURELY
Men with Very, Very Small Wings, Page: 20 - OCTOBER, 1938 | Aviation Week
OCTOBER, 1938 P. 20 (3 Pages)

Men With Very, Very Small Wings

Race-plane design progress as seen at the 1938 National Air Races, with particular reference to efficiency. Here "K" marks the spot. By Charles F. McReynolds
Lightplanes to Benefit From New Data, Page: 26 - JULY 21, 1947 | Aviation Week
JULY 21, 1947 P. 26, 27 RESEARCH REVIEW

Lightplanes To Benefit From New Data

AVIATION WEEK survey shows research studies now ready on factors necessary to build improved performance, readily salable personal plane.
Jet-driven Props May Power Personal Planes of the Future, Page: 7 - DEC. 24, 1945 | Aviation Week
DEC. 24, 1945 P. 7, 8 Hedline News Section

Jet-driven Props May Power Personal Planes Of The Future

Three-ft. models of "pinwheel" application being tested at NACA research laboratory; net economy over conventional engines indicated despite some limitations. By ALEXANDER McSURELY