April 2, 1923

Fokker F5 Commercial Transport Airplane

Official Bulletin of National Aeronautic Association of U.S.A

The Wright All-Metal Pursuit Airplane


Fokker F5 Commercial Transport Airplane

Convertible Wing Feature Permits of Speed And Load Variation for Different Services

Official Bulletin of National Aeronautic Association of U.S.A

For the guidance of all those concerned in the organization of local chapters of the National Aeronautic Association, and for the information of the members of the Association and the public at large, the following memorandum on chapters of the N.A.A. is made public.


The Wright All-Metal Pursuit Airplane

Duralumin Cantilever Monoplane Characterized by Excellent Performance and Military Adaptability

Air Service

Army Orders—Assigned to Philippine Dept., to sail from San Francisco on or about May 23, 1923 : First Lieuts. Roy W. Camblin, Selfridge Field; Jack Greer, Middletown A.I.D., Penn.; Milo McCune, McCook Field. First Lieut. Cortlandt S. Johnson, A.S., redirected to Panama Canal Zone (in lieu of Mitchel Field.)

Experiments in Contact Flying at Mitchel Field

With a Description of the Apparatus for Making Contact

New York to Newport Air Line Assured

To be operated with Loening Air Yachts on 90 min. schedule


IT is gratifying Mail to note that the plans for night flying of the Air Mail Service have now progessed to the point of warranting the Post Office Department to order new experimental airplanes for this work. This indicates that by summer the United States will again take a long step forward in solving the problem of commercial air transport.

Henri Julliot Dead

Henri Julliot, French engineer and originator of the semirigid type of airship, died of heart disease March 16 in New York. He was 67 years old. M. Julliot was born at Fontainebleau, France. After graduating from the Central School of Engineers at Paris, he became technical director of the sugar refineries of Lebaudy brothers and it was to this association that was due the first successful modern airship, the Lebaudy type Jaune, which made her trials in November, 1902.

Proposed Type of Rigid Airship for Civil and Military Uses and Depot Ship with Mooring Mast

Great Britain’s recent decision to retain airships gives rise to speculation as to possible improvements in design. The new design shown in the accompanying drawing, which is reproduced by special permission of the Scientific American, is proposed by Messrs.

Trials of New Goodyear Army Airship T1

Nonrigid of 200,000 cu. ft. Has Many Novel Features
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