November 8, 1926

The Protection of Duralumin From Corrosion

United States Air Forces

The Schneider Cup Race


The Protection of Duralumin From Corrosion

THE NATURE of duralumin as now made is such that if left uncoated and unprotected in the uses in which industry employs this light alloy, corrosion will take place and the physical properties will be reduced accordingly. That a stainless and non-corrodible alloy is possible is without the scope of this paper and the use of some form of covering to preserve the material against the ravages of corrosion is presumed to be necessary.


United States Air Forces

Anti-Aircraft Fire Control Perfected The combined Ordnance and Coast Artillery tests of new anti-aricraft material at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds have now reached their final stages and many of the new articles of equipment have proved highly satisfactory.

The Schneider Cup Race

Three Speed Monoplanes to Represent Italy in International Contest. Curtiss 700 hp. Racers in American Team.

The Great International Seaplane Classic

The Historic Schneider Trophy First Contested in 1913. Seaplane Speeds Climb from 45 m.p.h. to 232 m.p,h, in Eight Schneider Contests.

The Pitcairn Sesqui-Wing

A Three-Seater Commercial Plane Arranged for Quick Interchange of Engines.

The Practical Lightplane

For a long time American lightplane enthusiasts and sportsmen of aviation have read accounts and descriptions of lightplane activities in England, France, Germany and other foreign countries. After each story the thought comes, “Why doesn’t the United States become interested in these little airplanes?”


Side Slips

It is really too bad, with the limited time and space at our disposal each week, that so much of both should have to be spent in an apparently futile attempt to improve the newspapers, as far as aeronautical subjects are concerned. For a long time the news writers would not let the Los Angeles go on a trip anywhere but that she had to fight a gale or a storm every foot of the way.


Lieut. Frank H. Conant, U.S.N.

On the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 30, while flying from Washington, D.C. to Norfolk, Va. 2nd Lieut. Frank H. Conant, U.S.N. was killed when his airplane crashed at Winter Harbor, Mathews, Va. His seaplane is believed to have hit something projecting from the water when flying close to the surface.


The Future of the Schneider Cup

THE NINTH contest for international seaplane speed honors in the Jacques Schneider Cup race is about to be held at Norfolk, Va. It will be the second time that the race for this much prized trophy will have been held in the United States and there is every indication of the coming contest proving the most interesting from every standpoint that has ever been held.

Series of Aeronautical Conferences End

The seven conferences held by the aeronautical branch of the Department of Commerce with officials of the flying world have been well attended and mutual co-operation between the department and the commercial operators, manufacturers and insurers is assured, according to Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics, William P. MaeCracken Jr.
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