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January 16, 1928

Radio Buyers’ Guide

The Sikorsky "Guardian”

Brown Mercury Monoplane


Radio Buyers’ Guide

The Advisability of the Operator to Make Sure That He Does Not Purchase Equipment That Infringes on Existing Patents


The Sikorsky "Guardian”

All Metal Night Bomber is Structurally Similar to the “Ville de Paris” and is Powered With Two 525 Hp. “Hornet” Engines


Brown Mercury Monoplane

A Light Three Place Plane That is Powered by Three 60 Hp. Anzani Engines and Has a High Speed of 120 M.P.H.



More than 60,000 lb. of high explosive bombs were released recently from the bombing racks of Army Air Corps planes in the biggest scale land bombardment exercise ever launched in this country. These bombings continued for six days, formations of bombardment planes dropping their deadly charges of steel and TNT on the Pee Dee River bridge between Albemarle and St. Gilead, N. C.

The 1928 Reliability Tour

Present Plans Indicate That About 40 Entries Will Start the 6000 Mile Tour From the Ford Airport on June 30


Progress of Civil Aviation In Australia

Pioneering Effort Has at Last Resulted in Government Recognition


Side Slips

Side Slips

Further Reports from Side Slips’ Special Correspondent in The South (Also further apologies to Mr. Ring Lardner) Dear Mr. Editor:— Well, Sir, I still hasn’t been able to look over the aviation situation down here for you and the readers on account I not having the time to do so.



Philadelphia, Pa.

Forty students have taken the ten-hour flying course at the Philadelphia Airport since the Ludington Philadelphia Flying Service began operations at the field last June. In a report recently made public John B. Bartow, assistant manager of field operations and in charge of the instruction work, said twelve students are taking the course at the present time.


P. O. Dept. Grants the Use of Ryan-Siemens Engines by Mail Concerns


Lieut. Jack Harding Goes With the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce

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