April 17, 1961


Caravelle Descent Too Low on Approach

Missile Engineering

Missile Defense Dominates Pmr Efforts

Space Technology

Russians Forecast More Manned Flights


Caravelle Descent Too Low on Approach

The accident occurred at 1847Z* on 19th of January, 1960, at a point approximately 6 naut. mi. from the threshold of Runway 03 and approximately 300 meters to the right of the extended centerline of that runway. The aircraft was destroyed and the 7 crew members and 35 passengers were killed in the accident.
Missile Engineering

Missile Defense Dominates Pmr Efforts

Kwajalein—Programs to develop a workable defense against ballistic missiles and boost-glide vehicles are rapidly coming to dominate all other efforts in the Pacific Missile Range and the focal point of these efforts is Kwajalein Atoll, 4,300 mi, west of Pacific Missile Range headquarters at Pt. Mugu, Calif.

Space Technology

Russians Forecast More Manned Flights

Soviets successfully recover first man from orbit; no immediate effect on Project Mercury expected.


Indecision Bogs Communication Satellites

Washington—There is growing industry concern that indecision and uncertainty in government agencies over national policy on commercial communication satellites may enable the Soviets to score another dramatic space first. The policy question admittedly is complex.


Saac 23 Jet Nears Metal-cutting Stage

St. Gallen, Switzerland—Final aerodynamic design modifications on the SAAC 23 six-to-eight passenger executive jet transport (AW Mar. 6, p. 87) are now being completed and initial cutting of metal for the first prototype is scheduled to get under way within the next few weeks.


Faa Is Revising Used Transport Tbo's

Indianapolis—Chances are strong that airlines buying used transports will be able to trim their maintenance budgets substantially under more precise and more flexible overhaul time control systems now being developed by Federal Aviation Agency.

Aeronautical Engineering

Tac Trains Pilots for F-105d Missions

Nellis AFB, Nev.—First class of 21 student pilots has started a 61-day course in the Republic F-105D as part of Tactical Air Command's program for a broad all-weather nuclear capability. After graduation, TAC plans to send the pilots to Brookley AFB, Ala., to take delivery on the new "D" models.


Umbaugh, Fairchild to Begin Arbitration

New York—Umbaugh Aircraft Corp. is approaching a critical stage in the marketing of its autogiro, the U-18, as the issue of its contract for assembly of the aircraft with Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp. goes into arbitration before the American Arbitration Assn. here this week.


Soviet Space Rise Keyed to Management

Los Angeles—Russian successes in space exploration have not been achieved by fundamentally new administrative and operating methods, Leon Trilling, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told an audience of industry technologists at a symposium here.
Aeronautical Engineering

Joint Fighter Concept May Be Modified

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