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June 11, 1979


Barometer Rising at Le Bourget

Engine Pylons Are Straightforward Design

Export Competition Keynotes Paris Air Show



Barometer Rising at Le Bourget

The largest Paris air show in its 70-year history opened last week at Le Bourget Airport with new dimensions evident in every category. There were 25 countries represented-more than ever-including such newcomers as Norway, Jordan, Portugal, Finland, Denmark and Greece.


Engine Pylons Are Straightforward Design

Long Beach, Calif.-Engine pylons used on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 wide-body transport are of a relatively straightforward design using the cantilever principle to connect the engines to the wings. The pylons are of box beam construction, using titanium and steel primarily, along with some aluminum components.

Export Competition Keynotes Paris Air Show

Paris —Increasing competition for aerospace export markets was a keynote here last week at the start of the 33rd Paris air show, which promises to continue the trend of successive records for participation. Initial statistics listed some 680 exhibitors from 25 countries, about 250 aircraft scheduled to be on display, and 287 chalets rented by companies seeking to provide hospitality for prospective customers.

Industry Observer

Government of the Netherlands is expected to announce a massive economic aid program for industry, including several hundred million dollars to Fokker-VFW, for development funds for the super F-28 short-medium haul aircraft and additional funds for participation in the Airbus Industrie A310 transport.

Washington Roundup

Shuttle Problems “Serious mismanagement” of the space shuttle program by NASA has placed the U. S. civil space program in jeopardy, the Senate Commerce subcommittee on science, technology and space told the space agency last week prior to full committee authorization of an additional $220 million in Fiscal 1980 funds to counter a $600-million multiyear shuttle overrun.


Increased Solar Activity Perils Control of Skylab on Reentry

Washington-Increased solar activity during the last week is complicating plans to place Skylab in a torque equilibrium attitude that could maintain vehicle control until just prior to reentry, allowing the opportunity to exercise retargeting options if the projected entry point lies on orbits overflying large population densities.

News Digest

House last week passed a supplemental appropriations bill for Fiscal 1979 that includes $918.1 million for Defense programs-purchase of two DDG-993 destroyers, the order for which had been canceled by Iran, $628 million; research, development, test and evaluation funds of $190 million for the MX missile and $20 million for the Trident 2 missile; and the transfer of $80.1 million in previous-year procurement funds for the U. S. share of acquisition of the Boeing E-3 AWACS by NATO.

DC-10 Grounding

DC-10 Type Certificate Lifted

FAA action follows finding of new cracks in pylon aft bulkhead forward flange; crash investigation continues


DC-10 Grounding

Pylon-Related Bulletins Issued Earlier

Los Angeles-Engine pylon attach points on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 have been the subject of several bulletins issued by the aircraft manufacturer in recent years. These pylon-to-wing attachments for the Douglas transport’s No. 1 and 3 wing-mounted engines have become the center of attention in the investigation of last month’s American Airlines DC-10 crash at Chicago.


Who's Where

In the Front Office Grumman Aerospace Corp., Bethpage, N. Y., announced the appointment of the following senior vice presidents: Thomas Guarino, aerospace programs; Gordon Ochenrider, Washington operations; Carl Paladino, treasurer, and Philip Vassallo, corporate procurement operations.
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