May 15, 1917

The Albatros Biplanes

Military Airplane Photography

Army Plan for Training Aviators


The Albatros Biplanes

The latest of the long series of interesting and instructive articles which M. Lagorgette has been contributing to L'Aérophile are two on the Albatros biplanes, which form a considerable part of the German aerial fleet. The first of these articles gives a historical summary of the development of the Albatros, and a detailed description of the various reconaissance and general-purpose biplanes which have been built by that firm.


Military Airplane Photography

Even before the Civil War, attempts Were made to take photographs from captive balloons. The trials were the direct result of the work of Captain de Laussedat of the French Engineer Corps, who in 1850 suggested the use of photography for surveying.


Army Plan for Training Aviators

The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics has prepared a plan for the training of military aviators which has been approved by General Squier, Chief Signal Officer of the Army and has already been put into effect. Officers of six educational institutions met in Washington and Professor William F. Durand of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and Professor Hiram Bingham, Yale University, outlined a plan whereby the colleges could cooperate with the Signal Corps in giving preliminary training to applicants for duty in the Aviation Section of the Army.

Course in Aerodynamics and Airplane Design

Preliminary Design of a Secondary Training Machine


Knox Engine Passes U. S. Navy Test

On March 13, 14 and 15 the Knox 300 h.p. engine successfully completed the tests required and conducted by the Department of Inspection of Engineering Materials of the United States Navy. The tests consisted of : First—Making a run for determining the Points of a horse power vs. revolutions curve.

The Handley Page Giant Biplane

Some more photographs are available machines. The following is a brief exof this interesting machine which, actract of the paper : cordiug to the designer, holds a world’s Consideration of the subject of airplane record for passenger carrying.

Horsepower Calculations for Airplanes


The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

As to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and its functions, there seems to be a lack of knowledge on the part of the public at large and even those directly interested in the aeronautical industry. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was established by Act of Congress, approved March 3, 1915. In a large measure it was in response to a nation wide interest in aeronautics, aroused, no doubt, by the extensive use of aircraft in the war in Europe.

S. A. E. Standards Committee Report


Victor Carlstrom Victim of Accident

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