August 15, 1917

On the Value and Use of the Large Airplane

The World’s Air Routes and Their Regulation

News of the Fortnight


On the Value and Use of the Large Airplane

The endeavor of the present article is to show how by the use of large airplanes America can make her weight felt in this war to a much greater extent than by equipment of any other sort. It is a well known fact that the large airplane is an absolute necessity whenever great distances have to be traveled or large weights be carried.


The World’s Air Routes and Their Regulation

Though the time has not yet come when regular postal and commercial communication by means of the air is established, there are many signs that after the war an effort will be made by all civilized nations to develop this aspect of flying. There is need for consideration of the problems of how official, private and commercial flying must be regulated in a national and international sense.


News of the Fortnight

Major Henry Souther, head of the Aircraft Engineering Division of the U.S. Array Air Service, died at the Post Hospital, Fort Monroe, after an operation, on August 15. Major Souther had been ill for about a week, but complications, which developed suddenly, made an operation imperative.

Airship Suspension Systems

The chief points to be borne in mind in designing the suspension system of an airship are : (1) The distribution of the weight over as wide an area of the envelope as possible; (2) The reduction of head resistance; (3) The reduction of overall height or head room; and it is interesting to examine the various efforts which have been made to meet these requirements.


Digest of the Foreign Aeronautic Press

Snakes to be Scotched.β€”An editorial dealing with the attitude of the British Government in regard to the German airplane raid of July 7, on London. A deputation of members of Parliament having waited upon the Prime Minister to urge upon the Government the need for improving the aerial defences of London, Lloyd George made the following reply : "I do not want you to go away with any idea that we do not realize the importance of defending London, not merely defending London because it contains millions of people, but because it is the capital of the Empire.

The Controlled Saturated Atmosphere Expansion Method of Lumber Drying

There are four reasons why green lumber is unsuitable for any manufacturing purpose. 1. It is too pliable, lacking stiffness and strength. 2. It will shrink as it dries and destroy any glued or fitted joints. 3. It is exceedingly heavy and weighs too much for economical handling and transportation.


The Controlled Unsaturated Atmosphere Expansion Method of Lumber Drying

The conditioning or seasoning of woods, such as spruce, ash, oak, mahogany and pine, that go into aeronautical construction, is a comparatively new problem in lumber drying. Properly seasoned spruce, the most important lumber used, can no longer be obtained in sufficient quantities of the required grade.


The Handley Page Battle Airplane

A machine of the type herewith described having accidentally landed within German lines, the following dimensional and performance data obtained during trials carried out by an admiralty staff under Commander Sedden, R. N., may now be published :

The Aeromarine Land Training Airplane


Disturbing Bodies on Wing Surfaces

On many recent examples of airplane construction, we find disturbing bodies such as radiators and fuel tanks below and above the wings. It becomes important to determine where such obstructions shall be placed from an aerodynamical point of view, so that they will least affect the lift of a wing and impose least head resistance on a machine.

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