March 1, 1918

The Artificial Seasoning of Wood*

The Wind Channel: Its Design and Use

The Mathematics of Aerodynamics*


The Artificial Seasoning of Wood*

The seasoning of timber is in essence a post-mortem process of drying conducted in such a manner as to permit of the wood being used as a structural material. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the process is one conducted after the normal vital activity of the tree has been arrested, because it has been seriously but entirely erroneously urged in the courts of law that the term “mature” as applied to timber is a synonym of “seasoned.”


The Wind Channel: Its Design and Use

Erecting the Main Balance* In order that certain conditions essential for accurate working shall be fulfilled, it is necessary that the erection of the balance be carried out with considerable care. The methods which are used for this purpose and to check the accuracy of workmanship will now be described.


The Mathematics of Aerodynamics*

In the development of a branch of engineering there are several stages, sometimes long drawn out and poorly differentiated, sometimes brief and sharply defined. There is the stage in which the bold inventors, trying one way and another, often with personal danger or even disaster, accomplish the first crude beginnings.


News of the Fortnight

American Built "Battle Planes” on Way to Front The following statement is authorized by the Secretary of War in order to give as complete a picture as is permissible under military requirements of the problems and the progress in equipping the air service with fighting planes.

Location of Seaplane Floats

Airplane design has reached the stage where it is essential to eliminate all unnecessary shop work, and practically all parts can now be properly located before the construction of a machine is begun. A method for determining the correct location of the main floats on a seaplane is herewith explained.


International Aircraft Standards

4P3—Specifications for Plain and Ball Head Bolts for Aircraft GENERAL.—1. The general specifications, 1G1. shall form, according to their applicability. a part of these specifications. USE.—2. These bolts are to be used in Plane construction.


Digest of the Foreign Aeronautical Press

Flying (London), January 16, 1918 Captain Ball’s Successors.—Captain Ball has many successors in the R.F.C. who carry on his tradition. Captain McCudden and Captain Fullard have suddenly blossomed into fame, and the newspapers have been full of their exploits.

The Mexican "Microplano” Scout

It is not generally known that during the last two years the Mexican government has made a considerable, and apparently quite successful, effort at building up a wholly national air service. This effort is mainly due to the untiring activity of Colonel Alberto Salinas, a nephew of President Carranza, who took his pilot license in 1912, at Mineola Aerodrome and has since been continuously identified with the development of Mexican aviation.

The Fan Dynamometer

The brake horsepower of an engine is often measured by means of an absorption dynamometer. An absorption dynamometer may consist of a fan, mounted on the engine to be tested, the blades of which absorb a certain amount of power while being revolved in the air.

The Flying Boats of the R. N. A. S.

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