April 1, 1919

Course in Aerodynamics and Airplane Design

The Edstrom Wire Wrapping Machine

The King 550 Hp. Aircraft Engine


Course in Aerodynamics and Airplane Design

However accurate and refined a stress analysis may be, and however strong it may be in its main members, such as spars, wires and struts, yet the wing truss may fail in the lug of a fitting or the crushing of a holt embedded in wood, in which minor details computation may be entirely impossible and judgment alone must be relied upon.


The Edstrom Wire Wrapping Machine

The Edstrom Wire Wrapping Machine was set up and demonstrated, November 16 to 20, 1918, at McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio, where the finished test specimens were tested a few weeks later. The following report made to the Technical Division of the Air Service is based on these tests:

The King 550 Hp. Aircraft Engine

The King 550 hp. aircraft engine, as illustrated in the accompanying photographs and drawings, was designed by Mr. Charles B. King, A. M. E., of the Bureau of Aircraft Production. The Aircraft Board authorized five of these engines to be built and tested.

The Thomas-Morse Single and Two-Seater Airplanes

Prior to our entrance in the war the Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corp., of Ithaca, X. Y., was engaged in building a number of training seaplanes for the Navy Department, and airplane engines for both the Army and the Navy. At about this time an experimental single-seater scout, the type S-4, fitted with a 100-hp.

Preparations for the Transatlantic Flight

The termination of hostilities and the return to peace time conditions has given new impetus to attempts to cross the Atlantic by means of aircraft. Just before the war broke out two heavier-than-air craft were being prepared for this attempt : the Curtiss America, a twin - engine flying boat which was to be flown by Lieut.

News of the Fortnight

A new transcontinental flight is planned for the near future. Major Tom C. McCauley intends to use the Southern route and double the continent, San Diego, Cal., to Savannah, Ga., distance about 2,460 miles each way, via Americus and Fort Worth, Texas.

Limiting Power of a Single Engine

Ever since the first feeble beginnings of airplane design, when machines were equipped with engines which developed less power than does a single cylinder of the Liberty, and when Lieut. Dunne's experiments were discouraged by the British government because the 50-hp. engine which he desired to employ was considered so large as to be wholly impracticable, the tendency has been toward an increase in power.


Performance and Cost of the Air Mail Service

COST OF OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, NOVEMBER, 1918 Airplane No. Gas. Grease and Oil. Office Force. Motorcycles, Trucks. Rent, Light, Fuel. Power, Telephone, and Water. Mise. Pilots. Mechanics and Helpers. Repairs and Accessories.


FOR some time past rumors have been current to the effect that with the general demobilization the Air Service was to be reduced to a mere skeleton. the intimation being that the billion dollars of war appropriations spent on the building up of our aircraft program would thus go to utter waste.

The Salmson, Type 2, Two-Seater Fighter

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