May 1, 1919

Trans-Atlantic Flight and Meteorology

Some Ideas on Airplane Production

The Halberstadt Two-Seater Fighter


Trans-Atlantic Flight and Meteorology

The purpose of this paper is briefly to present (1) a statement giving the present state of our knowledge relative to average surface meteorological conditions over the North Atlantic; (2) a similar statement as to free-air conditions: and (3) an analysis showing the assistance that may be rendered by the winds, providing an aviator, with this in mind, carefully selects his time for flight.


Some Ideas on Airplane Production

From a production standpoint attention should first be directed to standardization. Standardization must be considered under two headings; that connected with the allied industries, such as bolts, nuts, screw’s, washers, cotter pins and other similar units which are universally used in all forms of aircraft or automotive construction, and that pertaining to parts that are useable in the individual airplane only, i. e., cannot be utilized in another type.


The Halberstadt Two-Seater Fighter

The Halberstadt represents, in all probability, the high-water mark of two-seater German airplane construction, as it is not only well and strongly constructed, but its general behavior in the air is good according to modern fighting standards.

Course in Aerodynamics and Airplane Design

Theoretical Principles—There are two possible methods in the testing of fuselages: (A) testing the fuselage for air loads on tail surfaces only. (B) testing the fuselage for air loads on the tail surfaces in combination with dynamic loads.


Airplane Propeller Wastage Reduced

Throughout the war the development of the best practice in propeller manufacture, which is a highly specialized art requiring a thorough knowledge of wood technology as well as the greatest degree of skill in woodworking and gluing, has been The goal of constant co-operative effort by the Forest Products Laboratory of the Forest Service and the War and Navy Departments.


News of the Fortnight

Consonant with the demobilization of the Air Service and its reorganization on peace footing, the control and administration of the Army flying forces is being recast on the fundamental principle of single control of aircraft production and operation, which is to supersede the cumbersome system of dual control created during the war.

Design of Pressure Plate Anemometers

This instrument has been invented periodically by a number of people. It therefore occurs in many forms all, however, being dependent on the wind pressure on a flat plate or other resisting object, causing the plate to move back against spring or gravity control.


Pilot Motor Variable Pitch Propeller

The use of airplanes on an extensive scale for purposes of observation and especially for fire control, during the war, brought about the need for a considerable number of wireless transmitting sets for airplanes, such as the SCR-73, designed and developed by the International Radio Telegraph Co.


A Mail Flight in the Storm

The operation on schedule of the Aerial Mail Service between New York and Washington has become such a matter of fact that it no longer attracts attention. It is little realized what an amount of energy and professional skill this service demands from the mail pilots.


Aeronautical Patents

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