November 16, 1925

Air Transportation

Flight Testing at Mccook Field

Air Mail Radio Signal Developed


Air Transportation

ACCOUNTS of air transportation in Europe should be read with interest in this country, but not always taken at their face value. The report, for instance, that European lines in 1924, carried nearly 100,000 passengers for a total distance of over five million miles, is of no commercial significance.

Flight Testing at Mccook Field

Methods Adopted in Full Scale Testing of New Airplane Designs.


Air Mail Radio Signal Developed

Invisible Beacon, Which Guides Pilots by Day, Night or in Thick Fog Successfully Tested by Air Mail Service.

United States Air Forces

Santa Monica Celebrates First Anniversary of World Flight A crowd, variously estimated at 15,000 to 25,000 persons gathered at Clover Field, SantaMonica, Cal., on September 27th to witness an Aero Meet staged by the American Legion to commemorate the first anniversary of the completion of the Around-the-World Flight.

A Suggested Race for Small Airships

AIRCRAFT races such as the Pulitzer Race for airplanes, the Schneider Cup Race for seaplanes, and the James Gordon Bennett Race for balloons, have demonstrated the tremendous value of such contests for developing equipment, training personnel, and arousing public interest in aviation.


Whence the Modock

African Progenitor Traced to His Original Useless Wenlike Origin


The New Handley Page Air Liner

A New Three-Engined Airplane for European Air Lines. Reliability Greatly Increased by Triple-Engine Principle.

De La Cierva Autogiro Achieves More Success

Airplane Involving New Principles in Design Satisfactorily Tested


The Hardest Flying Problem MOST aeronautical enthusiasts are, at heart, irrepressible optimists. They are boosters of anything that appears to offer an opportunity of success but are so occupied boosting that they often do not realize or refuse to recognize some of the fundamental problems, which must be solved, if success is to be real and not apparent.

Publisher’s News Letter

There have been so many new readers added to the subscription list of AVIATION since this odd page was started that it may be well to mention again its intent and purpose. For some years a difficulty was encountered in editing a small paper such as an aeronautical weekly which was receiving very little advertising patronage.

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