November 29, 1926

The Lighting of Obstructions Dangerous to Aerial Navigation

Metal V. Wood Propellers

United States Air Forces


The Lighting of Obstructions Dangerous to Aerial Navigation

AS THREATENED in a former issue of AVIATION, (April 12, 1926) the writer will continue the story of one phase of his activities in the development of Air Transportation under the British Government. This was the marking of “the reefs of the air”—these being tall radio masts, lofty chimneys and similar obstructions on and near airdromes and air routes.


Metal V. Wood Propellers

THE EXTENSIVE use of metal propellers, both in commercial and in service work, renders experience gained with this type of propeller in general of very considerable importance. The subject of recent metal propeller failures which have occurred in a few individual cases was discussed in AVIATION, Oct. 25, by T. P. Wright and his article has brought forth some very interesting and valuable correspondence.


United States Air Forces

The War Department announces an examination to be held from Jan. 17 to 22, inclusive, 1927, for appointment as second lieutenants, Air Corps, Regular Army. Examinations will be held only within the continental limits of the United States, for the purpose of filling 19 vacancies.

Honor Calbraith Perry Rodgers

Aero Club of Pittsburgh Dedicates Tablet


The Lizette Sport Plane

A New Low Powered Two-Seater Plane for Sport Touring.

Philadelphia’s Air Activities

Philadelphia has gone to the forefront in the last year in aerial activities. A municipal landing field or airport is located close to the Model Farms in the southwestern section of the city at Penrose Ferry and Island Roads, and is now in active use.


Air Racing and National Defense

NOW THAT the 1926 Schneider Cup race is a thing of the past but while Italy’s win is still vivid in our memory, the time is most opportune for some thought to be given to our future attitude toward this international contest. Public interest in the Schneider Cup race has been stimulated because more space was given in the daily papers to news relating to the event than to any similar competition.

Side Slips

As we were unable to be present at the Schneider Cup Races at Norfolk, for a number of reasons, the reasons being mostly of a financial nature, the following comments from Mr. N. V. C. are very welcome: Several of the spectators went from New York to Norfolk, via boat.


‘naval Air Pilot’ Made Public

In keeping with the policy of the Navy Department to assist to the utmost, the development of commercial aviation in this country, it has recently been announced that the “Naval Air Pilot,” an official publication formerly available only within the Service, is being made public and available to commercial operators and fliers.

Mckeesport, Pa.

Bettis Field, named in honor of the late Cyrus K. Bettis, was impressively dedicated Nov. 13. William P. MacCracken, Jr., Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics, and Congressman Clyde Kelly took leading parts in the program. J. W. Simpson, of Dravosburg, acted as master of ceremonies.
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