February 27, 1928

Inter-American Air Lines

The Handley-Page Automatic Slot

All-American Aircraft Show


Inter-American Air Lines

Some Detailed Information About the Present Situation and the Benefits to be Gained by Immediate Development


The Handley-Page Automatic Slot

THE SLOTTED wing first came into prominence as a factor for securing increased lift from an airfoil, when F. Handley Page, the originator, described it in the Aeronautical Journal, June 1921. The purpose of the Handley-Page slot, or auxiliary airfoil, is to maintain the continuity of flow over the upper surface of the airfoil at angles considerably above the burble point, or angle of maximum lift, in order to realize a lift value substantially greater than that possible with the ordinary airfoil.


All-American Aircraft Show

Both Historical and Modern Equipment to be Exhibited in Convention Hall, Detroit, Mich., April 14 to 21

The Temple Monoplane

New Mail and Express Plane Manufactured by the Texas Aero Corp is Powered with a Wright Whirlwind


By Special Arrangement with the Transportation Division Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce

The Fairchild Combination Pontoon and Ski

Single Unit Permits Landing and Take Off From Water, Snow or Ice

The Edgar Tobin Aero Co.

San Antonio Firm Conducts Flying School, Air Taxi Service and Plane Agency and Makes All Three Pay

Colonel Lindbergh Returns

Completes 9,060 Mi. Central American Good Will Tour With Non-Stop Flight From Havana, Cuba, to St. Louis, Mo.

Paris to New York

French Airmen, Costes and Lebrix, Make 23,000 Mile Flight Over Four Continents and the South Atlantic

The Ford Engine

A Two Cylinder Four Cycle Horizontally Opposed Air Cooled Engine Developing 36 Hp. at 2,000 R.P.M.
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